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Email marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing can provide excellent ROI Return on investment, calculating benefit derived from expenditure we believe it to be an essential part of a balanced marketing strategy. Particularly in the B2B Business to business, referring to activities between companies as opposed to those targeted at consumers arena there is invariably a need to design campaigns that are focused on specific targets. Email marketing is exceptionally good at this.

  • Messages can be designed for broad industry and regional categories or limited niche markets
  • Emails can be tailored and/or personalised for audiences selected for their status as existing customers or prospects and representing specified interests, identified postcodes etc.
  • Different text, images, subject lines and timings can be tested with different database segments to establish optimum formats and content
  • Programmes can accommodate the range of times and places that targets using mobiles may open their emails and can be scheduled for when they are likely to be at their most receptive
  • Links from e-shots and e-newsletters can be created to websites, specific landing pages and social media channels
  • Outcomes and response levels from email marketing can be accurately measured and adjustments made to future mailings

BBI Brandboost has a wide experience of creating and implementing email marketing campaigns. Our services include:

  • Planning: We can plan content and scheduling for all types of email marketing programme. We take a strategic view, ensuring compatibility with all aspects of client branding and marketing
  • Design: We will design email templates that have visual impact, are rapidly accessible and offer high quality presentation on large or small screens
  • Mobile optimisation: We ensure that emails are responsively designed for the range of mobile devices
  • Data management: We can deliver databases that are cleansed, up to date and made up of recipients that have opted in to receiving relevant information, maximising opportunities for positive ROI
  • Copywriting: We produce high quality relevant and readable written content, reflecting our experience in B2B and B2C campaigns across a range of sectors
  • Reporting: We provide accurate statistics and analysis to measure achievements of each email distributed and will make recommendations for future improvements to content and scheduling

BBI Brandboost can deliver email marketing programmes either as standalone activities or preferably, in order to gain optimum return, as part of an integrated marketing and communications strategy.

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