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Frequently Asked Questions

We have frequently been asked to build websites in collaboration with other web design agencies and outcomes have been very successful. Our long-standing technical expertise in web development, bringing about excellent navigation, fast page load times and successful website presentation on all mobile and desktop devices, can be helpful in complementing the creative talents of other website designers.

That’s no problem. For instance, you can choose from our excellent selection of off-the-shelf DNN templates to find a solution on which to build you a simple but good quality professional site. We have produced many websites for small businesses and organisations on low budgets and it’s incredible how good the results can be.

BBI Brandboost favours DNN (DotNetNuke) as the ideal platform for website development, offering exceptional flexibility, ease of administration and a range of exciting features. As a content management system (CMS), DNN allows you to easily amend and update your website.

Our DyNNamite DNN specialist division produces user-friendly Tutorial Videos that demonstrate just how simple it is to add functionality to a website. We can also provide individual DNN user training if required.

BBI Brandboost has an in-house team of web designers, web developers, SEO experts, content strategists, copywriters and marketing specialists. This allows us to bring a range of capabilities to bear on any given project and provide a holistic approach to meeting client demands whenever required.

Our methods have proved successful and we have clients that have utilised our services for over 15 years, which in the internet world is more than a lifetime!

A number of our clients past and present have experienced poor quality hosting provision. This left them with little or no support when any technical issues occurred

Our enterprise level managed hosting incorporates high security protection, accessibility, scalability and support. The solutions we offer are fully resilient with multiple layers of redundancy to ensure that your content is safe.

We can certainly take over your hosting and provide the high quality professional services and support your business deserves.

While our preferred and most frequently requested CMS option is DNN (DotNetNuke), we are also experienced in working with Drupal, WordPress, TypO3 and custom CMS platforms. BBI Brandboost has been established as an internet services provider for over two decades and we have valuable insights about how to get the best performance from all CMS platforms.

If required, we are also happy to undertake individual CMS training to provide hands-on experience for your colleagues to become proficient in editing, populating and administering your website.

Search engine optimisation is a key area of expertise at BBI Brandboost and we know that successful SEO requires both technical knowledge and strategic capabilities. PPC/AdWords can achieve immediate high rankings in Google under selected key search terms and this can be useful as an element in some campaigns. However, organic SEO carries significant testimonial value, demonstrating merit in the website content and functionality (e.g. mobile friendliness).

We are experts in progressively building the prominent positioning of client websites in search page rankings and in researching the key phrases used by target audiences to seek information and content.

We are involved with social media campaigns for clients on a daily basis using platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook and can offer insights about which networks provide the best engagement potential for individual businesses.

Positive engagement with target audiences is built through providing excellent content and initiating mutually rewarding conversations. We do not believe that producing a daily barrage of automated Tweets gets you anywhere. Our social networking programmes are proactive, customised and based on genuine interaction.

BBI Brandboost has been building and hosting e-commerce solutions for many years, both as standalone facilities or bolt-on functions for existing websites.

We favour Magento for its range of features and flexibility but are also experienced in working with other e-commerce platforms. The e-commerce solutions we develop are designed to be UX focused for target markets, structured with easy navigation for the buyer journey, responsively designed for desktop and mobile users, search engine optimised, scalable and easy to administer.  

If you’re looking to sell off the page and need the right guidance, please give the BBI Brandboost team a call.

While BBI Brandboost is primarily a B2B web services and marketing agency, we can also offer the creative expertise and strategic experience to produce highly successful consumer marketing initiatives. We have also frequently been involved in projects that have both B2B and B2C elements. Our capabilities range from using multiple channels of communication to highly focused publicity and promotions.

PR and copywriting are key specialities of our agency. We have extensive experience in writing articles and releases for newspapers, consumer magazines, trade, technical and specialist media. This expertise extends to online content, which is important since most publications have a presence on the internet and current and archived articles can have a major SEO benefit.

We are also well aware of the best methods of approach to editors and journalists in negotiating content, placement and scheduling.

BBI Brandboost was launched in 1995 as the web development operation of a traditional marketing agency established in the early 1980s. This has provided us with an extensive background experience in designing both online and print brochures.

We are proficient at meeting branding and corporate style guidelines, creating content, sourcing imagery and can if requested carry a project through from start to finish, ensuring that any outsourced suppliers produce on schedule and on budget.

This question has mainly come up in relation to articles from our Latest News pages. In principle BBI Brandboost is happy to provide information freely to help other businesses, organisations and researchers. However, like any company we need to protect our branding and copyright against misuse, so please contact us to discuss your requirement.

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