Copywriting Services

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Copywriting Services

Content Writing Services in High Wycombe

Our Services Include:

  • Website copywriting
  • Proposals and reports
  • Social networking
  • News releases
  • Email marketing and e-newsletters
  • Technical articles
  • Content marketing copy
  • Online and print media promotions
  • Presentation scripts
  • Online and print brochures
  • Tender documents
  • Video scriptwriting

What is Copywriting?


What is Copywriting?

To communicate successfully with targeted audiences, businesses need to provide high quality website content and online content marketing material that is relevant, engaging and skilfully optimised for search engines. The quality, depth and relevance of content is a key factor in successful organic SEO and skilfully worded copy helps to direct the web user to specific information of interest.

To produce truly exceptional written content, a copywriter must have a strong grasp of subject matter and fully understand the client’s business and its objectives through consultation and research.

Copywriting is a vital support to the effective use of images, videos and interactive functionality. The style, meaning and flow of words can make for an enlightening and rewarding experience when…

  • Visiting a website
  • Dropping in on a social media channel
  • Reading an online or printed article
  • Listening to a video commentary or audio broadcast
  • Studying a proposal or tender document

Informative, relevant and imaginative content will enhance the experience of a target audience and its perception of the brand.

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Content writing services provided by BBI Brandboost

Why Choose BBI Brandboost?

Copywriting High Wycombe

BBI Brandboost fields a gifted team dedicated to copywriting at our High Wycombe based agency. We carry out diverse website and content marketing projects across a range of sectors, including manufacturing, business, finance, healthcare, education, the environment and many others.

We have a long-established experience in web services, marketing and public relations, which provides us with many and varied successful approaches to content creation. Copywriting material we produce for clients on a daily basis ranges from engaging and pithy updates on Twitter to in-depth descriptions of products, services and industry issues on websites and within the trade and specialist press.

Google has consistently rewarded high quality informative content in page ranking, which has been very beneficial to our agency and its commitment to producing written material of an exceptional standard. We are also happy that the continued rise in mobile usage has given people the time and flexibility to access content when and where they wish. This means that messages can reach target users when they are at their most receptive.

Given the flexible and agile structure of our business, BBI Brandboost content writers can work in close collaboration both amongst themselves and with our management and technical operations teams. This ensures that we can bring a mix of all our capabilities to bear on any given content writing project.

Words with Meaning

Experience in B2B and B2C sectors and a broad knowledge of the communications environment has brought our copywriters to several conclusions about encouraging traffic to company websites…

1) Use generic terms, avoiding over-use of brand-focused content

Over 70%of all searches begin with a generic term. So if website content is bloated with brand-centric and feature-led copy, the chances are that the site will turn up somewhere on page 12 of Google. Copywriting for content marketing needs to answer buyers’ questions and provide genuine and useful information.

2) Find the right tone

Many more searches on mobile phones are spoken rather than typed. So this means that website copywriting content needs to reflect search terms that are more conversational.

3) Hit the right target

It is important that content reaches the right person and it is not always good policy to aim for the top. For example It is unlikely that the MD or CEO researching options in the first instance. Instead, the B2B buying journey is likely to be kick-started by the end-user of a product or service who will make a recommendation to the decision maker.

4) Choose your words wisely

Too many words, excessively long paragraphs and dense text can be hard-going. So it is best to use persuasive or descriptive headings and bullet or numbered points to break up text. Carefully chosen and well positioned images always help too!

“Words are sacred. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones, in the right order, you can nudge the world a little.” -Tom Stoppard


Well, we try our best to do a fair bit of nudging!

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