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Email marketing is a long established technique with continued, proven success in today’s communications environment. This tactic can provide excellent ROI, improving brand awareness and business development through highly focused targeting. In the ever-changing world of online marketing, selecting the right audience, and creating the most impactful and engaging content is what drives interest and traffic to businesses.

Email has a long history that started as using the technology as a means of communications between bodies such as corporations and universities. Since then, its potential as an exceptionally cost effective marketing tool has been recognised and exploited. The extraordinary fact is that while many technologies have been replaced during this time, email has lasted well and indeed has thrived in popularity.

The sheer volume of emails and the problems caused by spamming in some ways made the technology a victim of its own success, but this does not reduce the effectiveness of a well devised email marketing strategy. It only means that your emails will need to stand out from the crowd but, by doing so, your email campaign will be shown to better effect due to its superior quality.

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BBI Brandboost has a wide experience in creating and implementing email marketing campaigns. Our expertise means we can deliver email marketing programmes either as standalone activities or preferably, in order to gain optimum return, as part of an integrated marketing and communications strategy.

By developing our email marketing campaigns through creating specifically researched and tailored landing pages for individual vertical markets, we are able to provide audiences with trustworthy, informative and relevant content for our clients. Additionally, links from e-shots and e-newsletters can be created to websites, specific landing pages and social media channels.

The flexibility of email offers a wide range of possibilities. You can design messages for broad industry and regional categories or limited niche markets, as well as tailoring and personalising emails for audiences selected for their status as existing customers, prospects or representing specified interests and demographics. Programmes can accommodate the range of times and places that targets using mobiles may open their emails and can be scheduled for when they are likely to be at their most receptive.

We ensure that outcomes and response levels from email marketing activities are accurately measured and will use the information to make adjustments to future mailings. We will also test different text, images, subject lines and timings with different database segments to establish optimum formats and content. BBI Brandboost frequently employs email marketing for our own promotion as well as for our clients and we know it works remarkably well!

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Our email marketing services include

Our Services Include

  • Planning: We can plan content and scheduling for all types of email marketing programme. We take a strategic view, ensuring compatibility with all aspects of client branding and marketing.
  • Design: We will design email templates that have visual impact, are rapidly accessible and offer high quality presentation on large or small screens.
  • Mobile optimisation: We ensure that emails are responsively designed for the range of mobile devices.
  • Data management: We can deliver databases that are cleansed, up to date and made up of recipients that have opted in to receiving relevant information, maximising opportunities for positive ROI.
  • Copywriting: We produce high quality relevant and readable written content, reflecting our experience in B2B and B2C campaigns across a range of sectors.
  • Reporting: We provide accurate statistics and analysis to measure achievements of each email distributed and will make recommendations for future improvements to content and scheduling.


Devising email campaigns accurately directed towards identified targets is an unbeatable marketing strategy, particularly in the B2B arena. Also we have found that working email campaigns in conjunction with social media programmes can be a winning strategy.

There are six long established campaigning questions that marketers and communicators frequently ask themselves that are good to flag up for email marketing initiatives:

What (= content)

The content of the email needs to engage and be seen to benefit the recipient, whether it’s via a desirable special offer or through providing valuable information. Skilfully selecting and crafting text and images maintains a perception of brand quality as well as reinforcing the impact of the message.

How (= presentation)

Designing and structuring the email is vital to make the content easy to follow and absorb. The message should be simple, brief as possible, attractive and personal. Emails must also be optimised for mobiles, with impact in the subject line, an “approachable” sender reference and a clear call to action each playing an important part.

Why (= purpose)

There are numerous reasons for engaging audiences via email, including generating leads, strengthening customer relationships, building brand awareness and increasing website traffic. It is important not to mix messages.

When (= scheduling)

Planning the schedules, frequency and timings of emails can make a major difference to email open rates. Optimum scheduling varies in the B2B and B2C arenas and between different business sectors.

Where (= database)

Strategically managing the database will maintain its quality, ensuring that it is both up-to-date and accurately segmented for emails to fit the requirements of different target audiences. The database needs to be permission based and any unsubscribe requests rigorously honoured.

Who (= recipients)

Within the companies and organisations making up the database are the actual people that will receive, click-through and hopefully act upon emails received. Their job responsibilities and business interests are all important to the email campaign – if what is on offer is seen to be helpful to them in what they do, they will react positively.

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