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Online Lead Generator

Our Online Lead Generator services include


  • Introduce your sales and marketing teams to companies and organisations that have shown interest in specific areas of your business
  • Increase the number of warm leads that your salespeople can pursue
  • Replace cold calling with contacting warm leads and genuine prospects
  • Make more efficient use of your sales team’s time and effort
  • Enhance the performance and motivation of your salesforce through increased positive response rates
  • Highlight target audiences and potential new markets for your products and services
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your SEO and marketing strategies
  • Once direct contacts have been made, it can provide new high quality data for email marketing and other promotional activities

What is an Online Lead Generator?

What is an Online Lead Generator?

There are numerous ways of generating leads, such as direct mail, advertising, third party referrals, telemarketing, networking and PR. Furthermore, the online environment has created additional wide-ranging opportunities for lead generation in the B2B arena.

If a business website is well structured, with excellent informative content and is supported by proactive SEO and marketing strategies, then it is likely to attract visitors. What is hard to assess, however, is each user’s engagement with the content. Who are they and what has attracted their interest?

By using today’s new lead generation technology you can see what a website visitor’s interest is in your products and services at an early stage. These website tracking tools allow businesses to monitor and analyse any potential warm leads before direct contact of any kind has been made.


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Online Lead Generator provided by BBI Brandboost

Why Choose BBI Brandboost?

Why use BBI Brandboost’s Online Lead Generator service

BBI Brandboost offers a powerful website tracking tool that will capture information about your website visitors in real time. Our Online Lead Generator will show which companies and organisations have shown interest in your business and thus open up positive and live sales opportunities.

The Online Lead Generator offers password protected access to information about who is looking at your site, when they have done so and which specific landing pages they have viewed. So it is possible to grasp opportunities early in a potential buyer journey. You can capture valuable information for B2B lead generation at the very moment that prospects gave shown an initial interest in your business, its products and services.

Information obtained can mean that cold calling is warmed up into positive discussions, helping your business to create a high value database of genuine prospects. You will have prior knowledge of their specific areas of interest.

This invaluable tool help you to assess how well your marketing, SEO and communication activities are working. This in turn will assist your business in focusing your sales and marketing strategies and tactics with added precision. Regular reports and updates are provided as and when required, allowing you to continually study and evaluate progress being made.

Fresh New Business Leads

The BBI Brandboost Online Lead Generator can open up a range of opportunities for your sales team. It will provide the name of the company or organisation that has visited your website and pinpoint the exact area of their interest.

Furthermore, this can also be an invaluable upselling tool. For instance, if a customer of your business has been buying a certain product or service from your business and then visit the landing page with information about another, this will be recorded by our lead generation tool.

Online lead generation could provide new opportunities for your salesforce and provide invaluable information for directing the marketing strategies of your business.

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