PPC and AdWords can greatly enhance any marketing campaign with targeted advertisements

PPC & Adwords

PPC advertising offers a cost-effective solution to boost your business through improving your online profile, and allows your organisation’s website to appear above competitors or organic listings in search engine results.

Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords) offer a paid route to prominence on Google pages. It can be a very useful way to bring your business high search engine visibility without the inevitable delays of using organic SEO to improve rankings.

Although pay-per-click advertising has no dependencies on SEO or Google Algorithmic changes, it can be particularly effective if used in conjunction with organic SEO. It is similar to the powerful impact that a display ad in the press can exert when running with complementary editorial. With Google Ads you pay for Google space/ranking while with organic SEO you earn it.

PPC and Google Ads can offer businesses fast, measurable results, targeted to the right audience whilst increasing brand awareness. As well as being a great way to target local business, PPC and Google Ads can also be used to test your marketing strategies for different mediums, due to its rapid and concise results.

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Why Choose BBI Brandboost?

At BBI Brandboost, we believe that an investment in any form of paid advertising should at the very least yield positive results. Our technical operations, and marketing team deliver high return campaigns, for global companies as well as SMEs. Through taking the time to understand your business inside-out we know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to our work.

We offer advice, implementation of PPC strategies, and the skills needed to utilise this method with strategic focus to maximise the SEO benefits for business. Our PPC services integrate strong placement, scheduling and copywriting skills, which allows us to offer effective, focused and targeted ad campaigns across a variety of online channels.

With a diverse and in-depth knowledge of online media, BBI Brandboost's PPC marketing High Wycombe based team is able to create and implement Google Ads in order to promote your business on the appropriate channels to the selected audiences.

Tracking, analysing and targeting website visits, allows us to present relevant messages to specific targets through re-marketing. This can dramatically improve your conversion rates and meet ROI objectives.

Each of our recommendations, campaigns and innovative ideas are backed up with facts and figures, to ensure our PPC services use combinations of tried and tested techniques get the best results for you. BBI Brandboost pride ourselves on making the most of any budget, investing in our own team in order to stay ahead of the competition, to make sure you can too.

BBI Brandboost deliver AdWords to promote your business on the right channels to the right audience

PPC marketing High Wycombe

Our services include

  • Competitor research: Evaluating SEO and marketing activities of key competitors in your business sector to determine and build positioning.
  • Keyword research: Discovering and testing key search terms that will attract traffic to websites and social/communication hubs.
  • Targeting: Identifying target audiences and designing ads to complement their interests.
  • Ad copy creation: Producing engaging ad content tailored for business sector targets.
  • Optimisation: Using Google Ads to tactically boost positioning in Google search page rankings, either with or without SEO support.
  • Bid optimisation: Our PPC services include undertaking the PPC/Google Ads bid process to gain optimum search term opportunities at competitive cost to meet strategic SEO objectives.
  • Reporting: Providing statistics and analysis to describe current positioning in relation to planned SEO programmes, with recommendations for future actions.


Booking Google Ads and other PPC options, such as Facebook ads, can seem to be fairly straightforward. However the bidding process is potentially time-consuming and requires expertise in using a given budget to best effect and with maximum focus on key phrases and target audiences. Our experience in undertaking PPC marketing for High Wycombe based clients and businesses elsewhere has shown us that expertise is also invaluable in being able to integrate PPC with other elements of the marketing mix. In other words, this PPC services option works best in tandem with SEO, social media and other online communication strategies.

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