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Glenside are a well-established specialist office fit out company, serving Reading and the surrounding areas. Their work ranges from creating an entire project scope, to furnishing an office block.

Glenside are passionate about meeting their client’s needs and will work tirelessly until these are met to the highest quality outcome possible. Our mission was to increase their awareness through a well thought out social media campaign, which would express their fine work using a mixture of imagery and words.

Glenside already had accounts for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest, and it was our job to come in and establish the most worthwhile avenues to pursue in order to increase awareness and reach the audience Glenside were interested in selling to.

The Method

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The work for Glenside started off by coming up with a strategic plan which would complement what they already had on their website. Not only this, but we had to choose the most useful platforms which would display the imagery of the work Glenside had done.

This meant that LinkedIn and Pinterest were the main areas to focus on, and involved posting monthly to them, advertising once case study at a time. This allowed several images to be displayed at once, while also being able to describe each piece of work with some text.

In order for this to work well, we were in constant contact with the client to obtain which areas of their business they wanted to promote, and therefore could pick and choose the most relevant case study to put up on Pinterest and LinkedIn. To complement these areas of work, some effort was also put in to maintaining their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The Outcome

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Overall, our social media campaign for Glenside was successful and is still ongoing as they continue to add new case studies to their site.

From October 2018-October 2019, the traffic to their website increased by 7%, showing greater awareness for their work which was the main aim of the campaign.

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