Marketing Collateral Case Study

Marketing Collateral Case Study

ACM Environmental PLC is a recycling-led waste management company offering a progressive alternative to traditional waste management services. An active member of the government’s All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group, ACM is committed to the goal of zero landfill and produces a wide range of waste processing equipment to meet the requirements of both large and small scale commercial waste producers.

The work

Following a selection process, BBI Brandboost was engaged to produce the text content for six new 4-page Product Guides covering ACM’s high performance compactors, balers and roll packers to replace existing literature.

Key targets

These guides were primarily aimed at two distinct target audiences:

  • Trade customers selling equipment with a level of expert knowledge in the products
  • End user customers or potential customers that might require more explanation about the equipment and recycling processes undertaken

Tone of voice

To satisfy both target audiences, we recommended that the content had to be informative and accessible.

  • Product details should be easily understood by the non-technical reader while not alienating those with waste management experience
  • Overtly promotional language was inappropriate and unnecessary, since the product benefits when properly presented would speak for themselves

Content Structure

In consultation with the client, we also made a number of recommendations about the presentation of the content, which included:

  • Consistency of formatting, so that readers would be able to navigate easily to any given area when comparing equipment
  • Presenting common features of a series of equipment such as balers in a single section rather that repeating the information for each product. Individual product sections would describe the additional features and benefits that were unique to that item of equipment
  • Each Product Guide should include lists of potential end user business and professional sectors and the types of waste that the equipment would be ideal to process
  • Equipment in other Product Guides would be mentioned with a brief description, so that the end user could choose if another product might be more suitable to their requirements
  • Each Product Guide would include ACM’s Environmental Service Commitment statement
Marketing Collateral Case Study

Marketing Collateral Case Study

The Outcome

Consistent with our recommendations on Tone of Voice and Content Structure, we produced the written content on schedule and within budget. This was then passed to the designers to integrate into printed literature and for presentation on the ACM. Environmental PLC website. These are the results:

The client was delighted with the copy BBI Brandboost has produced, commenting on our skill and experience in technical writing. They also stated that we had shown a clear understanding of their products and of the objectives that they wished to achieve with their marketing material.

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