Emergency Website Support

With the coronavirus outbreak forcing your company to close its offices and work from home, are you able to function as normally as possible? If not, website support may be what you require as it is vital you are able to keep your lines of communication open in order to protect your business operations.

In these unprecedented times of self-isolation and virtual lockdown, it is important you are able to maintain levels of service to which your clients have come accustomed.

You may well need to make clients aware of new telephone numbers, email addresses, operating hours or other critical information. You will have to keep them informed of developments and let them know if there will be a hold up with orders.

Whenever disruption is unavoidable, it is not normally the actual delay that customers object to – they know circumstances are sometimes beyond an organisation’s control – it is a lack of information that is the number one cause of frustration. If you can keep your clients fully informed about a situation and manage their expectations, the goodwill that your updates engender will go a long way towards lessening the pressure on your workforce and the fallout that any disruptions may cause.

COVID-19 remote website support

BBI Brandboost's website support service offers businesses continual access to our technical team, for the purpose of posting regular updates to a company’s website and making sure the details and status updates presented to your target audiences and the public are as current as can be.

We are able to take briefings online and share screens with you in order to gain as much clarity as possible, enabling your website to stay functioning normally, even during emergency situations such as the coronavirus outbreak. Making ourselves available remotely can give you the peace of mind that we are always on hand to solve any issues you may have.

Our team includes expert technical programmers, talented content specialists and PR advisors, in order to ensure your websites can be fully supported in all areas. Our dedicated team and the manager assigned to your account would be on call to work on your website when required. With this in mind, and given the continuously evolving coronavirus crisis, we would recommend that now is the time to book some support hours. This would mean that we could start work right away if your website needs to be updated suddenly due to any form of disruption.

Please use the form on this page to see how the BBI Brandboost team can support your business."

Order website support

  • *Support hours cost £90 each (+VAT). Minimum quantity is four hours. Support time purchased is recorded in a log and whenever support is carried out by BBI, the time taken is deducted from the remaining balance. Read more

  • Terms are available to download here.

  • We will confirm with you once the support hours have been added to our CRM, a member of the team will then contact you to obtain website admin details and any other information that is required.