Emergency Website Training

The Coronavirus outbreak has forced most businesses to close their offices and ask their staff to work from home. This has made effective online communication vital, and this will only increase as the crisis evolves and further isolation measures are enforced.

The company website plays an essential role in communicating company news and developments to target audiences and the general public. It demonstrates that a business is still very much in business and that it has matters under control.

If members of your staff are finding difficulties in editing and updating your company website, CMS training from BBI Brandboost could prove very helpful. We can offer invaluable training to enable your team to carry out content management and edits to your website from home, allowing your business to operate effectively.

website training during the COVID-19 outbreak

During the COVID-19 isolation emergency, we are able to conduct the training online, so your website administrators can gain the knowledge and skills they require without leaving their home work space. Sessions can be carried out via video calls using technology such as zoom, skype or GoToMeeting and would be limited to a maximum of two people at a time. The skills taught through this personalised training will empower your staff to become proficient and confident in editing, populating, updating and administering your website.


At this critical time, with your workforce away from the office, now is the time to ensure that an efficient line of communication is maintained with your customers and stakeholders through the company website. Please contact BBI Brandboost using the form on the right to book training and benefit from our content management experience.

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  • *Training costs £340 (+VAT) for up to two persons for up to 3.5 hours. Ordinarily, training is carried out at BBI Brandboost's premises in High Wycombe. In these times of social distancing and remote working, training will be delivered online. Read more

  • Terms are available to download here.

  • We will confirm with you whether your chosen date is available. If an alternative date needs to be selected, a member of the team will work to ensure the arrangements are as convenient as possible for you.