This is the bit where we put in SEO High Wycombe (with internal links, obviously), High Wycombe SEO and Search Engine Optimisation. Well, not really, what this article is about is the ill advice people are sometimes given which goes against all that is “white hat” in SEO…

So when a client has a little knowledge, it can be a very dangerous thing, especially when it’s not your direct client with the “knowledge”, but someone from their head office hundreds of miles away sending  this very same client in the wrong direction…

Earlier this week we had a very interesting discussion with one of our UK clients whose head office is based in Germany. We have been carrying out some very effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work for this particular client.  When we took over the account they had little or no ranking whatsoever for their keyphrases; however their website now ranks better in search results for the majority of their chosen keyphrases when compared to their main UK competitors.

A successful SEO campaign you may say!  We think so too.

Nonetheless, although our UK client is very pleased with our work and the results being generated, a member of the marketing department at their parent company in Germany claimed that our on-page SEO and social media activity was missing a trick as we were not using “link-farms!”  “What,” we said “link-farms!  Seriously, are you not aware of Panda and Penguin?”  

For those of you unaware of the cuddly Panda and cute Penguin from Google, look it up or maybe give the BBI SEO team a call if your site is having some ranking issues.

So our interesting week… After lengthy detailed e-mails and discussion, we convinced our SEO client that the white hat SEO techniques we employ are the way forward and link farms are consigned to the past.

We aren’t like those unscrupulous so called SEO experts who continually spam your e-mail box making claims they cannot live up to, we simply understand “white hat” SEO techniques and only give genuine effective SEO advice to our clients.