in web design that didn't exist 2 years ago

As BBI is a web design agency in Buckinghamshire, we need to keep abreast of the latest developments in website technology and trends in able to be in a position to keep our very discerning and tech-savvy clients happy. As a result, we are well placed to advise on all aspects of web designand there are three considerations that must now be taken into account when planning a website, none of which existed two years ago. We would like to explain those three considerations so that anyone setting out on a web design project can avoid having to face expensive retrospective work after the site has been built.

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The first consideration when designing a website today, that did not factor in the website planning process as recently as two years ago, is how the site will cater to visitors from mobile phones. The right solution, for the vast majority of website owners will be to make the website responsive.

A responsive website is one that always displays in the best possible way whatever device it is viewed through. The content remains the same but elements within each page rearrange and resize themselves to fit in one, easy-to-read, column. This means the website visitor does not have to pinch up or scroll sideways to try to find information; it is all available by just scrolling up and down. From a visitor’s point of view a responsive website is great because it is easy to navigate and read, and none of the information from the main website is missing. From an administrator’s perspective, a responsive website is also great because the content is the content on the main website, and so there is only one set of pictures and words to manage.

If a website is to be made responsive, this needs to be decided during the design phase. Once a website is built, it is very difficult and expensive (in some cases impossible) to add responsiveness retrospectively.

The second consideration to be borne in mind when setting out to design a website is the new cookie law. Visitors to a website must be made aware if that website uses cookies and if it does, visitors must be given the chance to read more information about them. You will see lots of websites now with banners across the top that talk about cookies, or newly added sidebars or buttons. Obviously, these cookie law solutions have been added in response to the launch of the new law and in each case they have been bolted on to the existing website design.

We know what compliance entails, it is far better to think about how the solution will be integrated with the design when drawing up that design in the first place. By doing so, the necessary information on cookies can be built into the design in a smooth and coordinated fashion, enhancing the visual appeal of the website and not detracting from it.

Future, i.e. the content strategy. Hold on, you say, that has always been a consideration, I thought this article was looking at things we didn’t need to include two years ago. To an extent, that is true. Good websites have always been run by owners with a clear content strategy. However, it is only in the last two years that Google has released its Panda and Penguin updates to ensure websites that genuinely contain high quality, regularly updated content are favoured in search results over those that are left to stagnate or rely on dubious links for their ranking.

As a result of the Panda and Penguin updates from Google, the only way to ensure a website performs well in search results is to keep it regularly updated with quality content. Planning the way the new content will be added must be considered in the initial design phase as it will affect the menu structure, page layout, choice of CMS… …pretty much everything!

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