Websites need to be regularly updated and refreshed or they can become equally obsoleteNewspapers need to continually produce newsworthy content otherwise their only use is to wrap up fish and chips. Equally, websites need to be regularly updated and refreshed or they can become equally obsolete, but without the useful secondary function of packaging takeaway meals!

The revolution in the use of mobiles to access websites has exponentially increased their importance in communications. Websites are open for business 24/7 and with today’s flexible work/leisure lifestyle patterns they need to satisfy visitors with engaging content at all times and in all places.

The 3 routes to successful website control in the managing of content are:

Take full control of website content in house

This is perfectly feasible when using a content management system like the open source DNN CMS we recommend, which is both sophisticated and relatively easy to master even for untrained staff. For over 10 years the DNN® Platform has provided a scalable and secure content management system for hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide, from SMEs to global corporations. We at BBI Brandboost were pioneers in DNN usage and provide individual hands-on client staff training on demand, using the client’s own website rather than a generic template.

Bring in outside CMS web support

Although the website should be a priority in company marketing strategies, it can take staff away from other key activities.  If it is not their core function, employees can take too much time on CMS activities and may make mistakes that professionals would avoid. It can therefore sometimes be more cost and time effective to bring in outside specialists to handle all aspects of your website management. With the right web partner who understands your business and its objectives this can work well.

BBI Brandboost has wide sector experience and our web support includes expert technical advice, talented copywriters with the front end support to ensure that content is both excellent and presented to best effect, a dedicated account manager assigned to every client and high level committed service reinforced by rigorously applied SLAs.

Do a mixture of the two

This can provide companies with the best of both worlds. For instance, a mixed content management strategy could involve using outside specialists to handle major aspects of content creation and SEO strategies while employing your staff’s limited time on aspects such as the web newsroom and events calendar. With BBI Brandboost this formula would be underpinned by the dedicated web support from our team mentioned above.

To discuss ways of creating, updating and managing your website content, contact BBI Brandboost on 01494 452600 or by email to find how we can support you on any of these 3 routes to website control.

By Andrew Libra