Website Hosting – The Cheapest is not always the right option

A recent event saw thousands and possibly millions of websites hosted by “a household name web hosting company” go down for several hours on Monday 10th September, leaving many small businesses without their company website and business e-mail.

This was talked about, not only by our team of web developers here in High Wycombe, but by a number of clients (the ones in the IT know) who have been burnt before by “cheap” website hosting.

Now we are not the most expensive when it comes to website hosting, but in this commodity based industry we live in, we position ourselves as the “Audi” in the market place. Highly efficient, sleek in its approach and very reliable!

Reliability comes in a number of forms when it comes to website hosting, which the small business owner / manager does not always consider until it’s too late. So for businesses considering which agency to use in and around High Wycombe, Bucks and the wider Thames Valley area to host your corporate website ask yourself:-

  • will my website be hosted on a business grade hosting platform?
  • will my website be backed-up nightly?
  • and offsite and can my website be restored easily in the event of a problem?
  • will my website be monitored and will my website hosting server have resilience and redundancy?

So the next time you compare your business website hosting, compare “apples with apples” and not “apples with oranges”. You may find by spending that little bit extra it saves you money and hassle in the long run.