How did the cereal giant Kellogg revitalise their Frosties mascot Tony the Tiger?

What colour does leading paint specialist Akzo Nobel recommend for making kitchens more sociable places?

These may not be questions that have been keeping you awake at night.
However, when you start examining what major brands say about how they position themselves and their products and how they plan, train and prepare to develop for the demands of a fast-changing market, this type of subject can become very intriguing.

The Times has selected its top 100 business case studies categorised by industry, topic and company. The answers to theFrosties and kitchen colour questions are there together with a wealth of information on business development, marketing, finance, human resources, the environment and a diversity of operational and ethical issues. These range from the Marks & Spencer training formula for career progression in a flatter organisational structure to how Intel has identified new markets for its microprocessing products.

These are companies trumpeting their successes in a highly constructive and sophisticated way. Describing the background to the challenges, solutions reached and conclusions/outcomes, their case studies provide an invaluable resource for students, start-up companies and budding entrepreneurs as well as business at large. Issues such as managing changing business cycles (see Davis Service Group) or competing in a regulated environment (see Camelot) are relevant to most businesses and sharing this information reflects well on the companies concerned.

And isn't sharing information and experiences just what the web and social media environment is all about? However, many companies limit their use of case study material to their own sectors and to gain industry awards. That's fine as far as it goes, but opportunities for achieving wider positive public perception could be being missed.

So, has your business something to say about how you've trained your staff, met economic challenges, innovated to meet customer demand or reduced your carbon footprint? BBI Brandboost could turn your experiences into a compelling business case study and make sure that it achieves the fullest public recognition through the web, social networks and multiple communication channels. Contact the BBI Brandboost team on 01494 452600 or by email and let us make the case to you!