Should you plug into humour to boost your brand?

Should you plug into humour to boost your brand?Econsultancy recently published “How Brands Have used Satire in Advertising” which claimed that Brew Dog’s “Pink IPA: Beer for Girls” campaign was not well received, showing how satire, parody and irony can miss the mark completely.

However, the same article also showed how humour in advertising can work brilliantly, and we would single out the video “This is a Generic Millennial Ad” produced by Dissolve, as being exceptionally witty and inventive.

The video pokes fun at stereotyping and, funny as it is, it has an important message - ridiculing brands that make absurd assumptions about a demographic grouping that is defined solely on the basis of its age range. This kind of parody can work well if handled correctly, especially if it points the finger at the marketing campaigns of competitors.


Humanising Your Brand

Social media has created fantastic opportunities for engagement and interaction and has encouraged businesses to take new approaches to marketing across all channels of communication, including plugging into humour.

Social Media Today recently published “7 Key Characteristics of a Human Brand” which provides useful insights on how brands can and have created an excellent rapport with their target audiences. We want to pick out three tips as being particularly useful, with relevance to both the B2C and B2B environments:


  • Be a good storyteller

The author says that “stories help us to understand and make sense of the world, and the same can be said for your brand.” This is true and content that carries a strong narrative is likely to have a positive impact. It can get people involved in what you do and how you do it.

Incidentally, this is why BBI Brandboost believes that case studies are an invaluable vehicle for storytelling and which is why they feature prominently on our website.


  • Achieve the right tone of voice

How you say something can be as important as what you have to say. The crucial factor is that it must be consistent with your brand’s identity, but this does not have to be restrictive.

Understanding that audience segmentation is no longer based around 5 groups, (A,B C1, C2, D) but instead focused around hundreds of interlinked social tribes, values and behavioural traits is vital when executing a marketing strategy. If you can understand your target audience, their interests, values and behaviours, you can create edgy, satirical marketing that will appeal to them and that you can stand by.


  • beeBe something

It is important to communicate your brand’s personality, but you need to be authentic and consistent, otherwise the message will be confused and lack credibility. This is where understanding your audience and maintaining your brand identity comes into play. As long as these two are in harmony, implementing successful marketing strategies and campaigns shouldn’t be too problematic.

Making people laugh can be a powerful way to engage with them but this may not be appropriate for all brands. Humour can be seen as trivialising the message, and if the humour is communicated through satire or sarcasm, then brand marketing can move into dangerous territory. This has been seen time and time again from many big name brands.

Not keeping up with current trends and social shifts can mean some brands just get it wrong, as in the case of Brew
Dog. This again highlights the importance of understanding not only where your audience are currently, but also
where they will be. Look into social trends to see where the tides are changing and where you can maximise your marketing impact.


Effective and Focused Communication

BBI Brandboost offers a range of online marketing services that can drive successful marketing narratives and achieve positive brand perceptions across all media and social channels.

We believe in focused communication that relates strongly to the target audiences and have worked successfully for clients in many industry sectors. Contact us to discuss the ways we can help your business generate the positive and engaging messages to achieve your marketing objectives.

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