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Content Writing Services in High Wycombe

To communicate successfully with target audiences, businesses need to provide high quality website content that is relevant, engaging and skilfully optimised for search engines. That way your content will be found, remembered and convert clicks to sales.

Our website content writers can create winning material to be used in a blog, a web article or page, an email newsletter, a pithy tweet, an image caption or a video script.

Website content writing - critical questions:

  • Who is the target audience for your website/online content?
  • How would they imagine great content to read or look like?
  • Is the proposed content likely to be shared, re-tweeted, followed and encourage comments?

Website content writing is a critical part of SEO (search engine optimisation). We will work with you to identify targeted search terms and seamlessly and organically weave these into your business copy. Keyword stuffed and clunky content will do little for the user experience and visitors are unlikely to come back. Instead, we will produce easy to read, informative business content which reflects the values and tone of your business.

How BBI Brandboost can boost the results from your business website content

1) Use of generic terms, avoiding over-use of brand-focused content

71% of all searches begin with a generic term. So if yoursearch is evolving content is bloated with brand-centric and feature led copy, extolling the virtues of your product in a keyword-focused way, chances are your site will turn up somewhere on page 12 of Google. Your content needs to answer buyers’ questions and provide genuinely useful information.

2) Find the right tone

30x more searches on mobile phones are spoken rather than typed. This means your website content needs to reflect search terms that are more conversational and presents information that answers practical questions. Product—promoting sentences will switch off Google and visitors to your site.

3) Hit the right targetmillenials are decision makers Copywriting Services

Let’s be honest, it’s unlikely to be the MD or CEO researching options out on the web. Rather, the B2B buying journey is likely to be kick-started by the end-user of your product or service who will make a recommendation to the decision-maker once all the facts have been gathered. Content directed at top-level executives is likely to miss the target. Think about the end-users and aim your content at them.

3) Stand out from the crowd

content needs to stand out

Statistics show that before making contact with a potential supplier, B2B buyers perform an average of 12 searches. Your website content needs to grab the buyer’s attention if it has any chance of becoming that 1-in-12 that converts the visitor into a lead.  Too many words, excessively long paragraphs, dense text can be hard-going. Use persuasive or descriptive headings and bullet or numbered points to break up your text. Carefully chosen and positioned images always help.

So, if you want benefit-led, persuasive, informative content for your business website, emails, e-Newsletters, social media posts, blogs, you name it, get in touch. We’d be happy to assist.

Looking for a content writer in High Wycombe?

If you are looking for a content writer in High Wycombe with the skills and expertise to produce top quality content for your website, get in touch.


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