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PPC & Adwords

Adwords (Google’s brand of PPC ads) offer a paid route to prominence on Google pages and can be a very useful way to bring your business high search engine visibility without the inevitable delays of using organic SEO to improve rankings.

If used in conjunction with organic SEO, pay-per-click advertising can be particularly effective. It is similar to the powerful impact that a display ad in the press can exert when running with complementary editorial. With AdWords you pay for Google space/ranking while with organic SEO you earn it!

While booking AdWords and other PPC options (such as Facebook ads) is a seemingly straightforward process it has a strategic dimension. The option works best when in tandem with other elements in an online communications and marketing plan. Additionally, the bidding process is potentially time-consuming and requires expertise in using a given budget to best effect in relation to chosen key phrases and accessing target visitors.

We can help to make PPC work really well for your business, with services including:

  • Competitor research: Evaluating SEO and marketing activities of key competitors in your business sector to determine and build on positioning
  • Targeting: Identifying target audiences for specific focus and designing ads to complement their interests and aspirations
  • Social media PPC: Employing PPC ads can lead to tactical advantage in the social networking environment
  • Optimisation: Using AdWords to tactically boost positioning in Google search page rankings, either with or without organic SEO support
  • Landing page optimisation: Creating SEO focused content to attract target visitors to specific landing pages for brand information and sales opportunities
  • Keyword research: Discovering and testing key search terms that will attract traffic to websites and social/communication hubs
  • Ad copy creation: Producing ad content with impact and high engagement value tailored for business and sector targets
  • Bid optimisation: Undertaking the PPC/AdWords bid process to gain optimum search term opportunities at competitive cost to meet strategic SEO objectives
  • Reporting: Providing statistics and analysis to describe current positioning in relation to planned SEO programmes, with recommendations for future actions

BBI Brandboost offers advice, support and implementation of PPC strategies and we are very skilled in using this method with strategic focus to maximise the SEO benefits for business.

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