Small Business SEO

Being based in High Wycombe provides BBI Brandboost with access to a wide range of dynamic small businesses within easy reach. For them, rising through search page rankings can be an excellent way of rising above their larger competitors within the local area and further afield. SEO services are a vital support to communicating your messages online and enhancing perception of your business within its target markets.  Organic SEO for small business ventures can create a level playing field of opportunity in promoting products and services very cost effectively.

Increasingly in recent years, High Wycombe has become a hub for businesses at the leading edge of technology. From Fintech pioneers taking the industry by storm, to marketing and software developing start-ups, this area is close enough to London to offer innovative tech firms, interesting clients and direct routes to the city itself.

Part of High Wycombe’s growing success is due to its position within the transport infrastructure of the Thames Valley. Just off the M40 and close to M4 motorway connections, the town also has an excellent rail service that brings you into Central London within the hour. Living in this area allows many young professionals to reap the benefits of London life without the aching cost, which is how we manage to nurture some of the best talent in the area, offering creative and technical expertise for our clients.

This dramatic set of developments has led to an expansion of BBI Brandboost clients seeking small business SEO. For our SEO services team, this provides exciting opportunities for tactical campaigns to complement the in-depth strategic programmes they undertake on corporate SEO for larger clients.

SEO: The Competitive Edge

SEO: The Competitive Edge

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Particularly among small businesses, SEO is an important tool to utilise. Getting the right SEO team on the case is by far the most cost effective way to increase traffic, engagement and in doing so business enquiries. Authenticity is the key to building trust amongst your audiences, retaining clients and increasing revenue. In fact, AdWords only get an average click through rate of 2%, compared to over 20% of traffic that first ranking organic SEO results can yield.

So what does SEO entail? In short, there are three sections to optimise when looking at your company’s SEO. The first being the technical architecture of your website and subsequent pages throughout. Ensuring the meta-data is optimised, and correct alt tags are created where appropriate means Google can index your page faster, and will reward those that abide by its rules.

Second is the content of your website itself.  Even if your content is gold, and has been for the last 5 years, it doesn’t mean you should just sit there. Creating the right content that is accessible with relevant and up-to-date information is crucial. By updating your website pages it shows Google that your site is active, and in doing so can generate higher rankings. Understanding your audience and cross referencing their needs and interests with key phrases that gain high monthly volume is the best way to make sure your website remains optimised. Not only does this ensure your key phrases are maintained, but it can also boost the SEO of your overall website, which means it will rank higher as a whole compared to others.

Finally, SEO link-building plays a crucial part in the SEO of a website. This involves the in-bound links from other websites to your own, and can boost not only the Domain Authority, but also the overall search visibility of your website. However, achieving links from websites with low Domain Authority can in fact hinder the SEO of your site.


High Wycombe offers easy access to clients in London and the Home Counties as well local organisations. This means we can work closely and on a personal level with the businesses we work for. We take the time to understand your business model and pinpoint the best ways to improve on your SEO based on the services you offer, and the audiences you currently and potentially could reach. 

By researching your industry, and cross referencing trending topics with key phrases relevant to your business we are able to create the right strategy for you. By using key phrases that generate high monthly volumes of traffic, as well as those which are targeted specifically, we can improve the overall SEO performance of your website, whilst also maintaining high levels of engagement.

SEO is a core element in marketing, and offers an authentic and organic reach to an active audience. Take a look at our SEO Services for further information.