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Search Engine Optimisation

As search engines evolve so does SEO

In order to promote inbound marketing and engagement, search engines have become increasingly sophisticated in recognising search terms and directing visitors to relevant sites and web pages. They are also ever more capable of discerning crude techniques such as keyword stuffing and spurious web links and downgrade ranking accordingly. This sophistication also permits the SEO expert to apply focus and targeting skills to bring inbound marketing traffic to pages and areas of a website of particular relevance to visitor requirements.

SEO requires both technical and creative expertise to increase the visibility of your website and ultimately achieve high page rankings within the major search engines. Prominently positioned sites on Google will invariably generate more inbound traffic. As well as building target audience awareness, this can frequently be a critical factor in the sales process.

Ideally, SEO should be considered as part of the website design brief - every page should be developed with content that is relevant, informative and search engine friendly.

When web developers build or upgrade a website, we aim to ensure that SEO techniques are hard-wired into the website architecture.

What BBI Brandboost offers

BBI Brandboost offers a complete range of SEO services to promote business page rankings in today’s ever-changing search environment. These include:

  • Auditing: Carrying out health checks to identify barriers to achieving higher search engine page ranking and advising where improvements can be made
  • Reporting: Producing regular reports on the page ranking status of a website and the changes and updates to content and technical features required to enhance positioning
  • Analytics: Employing the most effective analytics tools to measure the progress of a website in terms of its positioning and the numbers and characteristics of website visitors being attracted
  • Local SEO: Creating and promoting a local profile when it is important for a business to show up strongly on localised search results
  • On-page SEO: Delivering top quality regularly updated content, optimised headings, user-friendly navigation, fast page loading and other website features to gain higher page rankings
  • Off-page SEO: Utilising search engine tools to ensure websites achieve higher indexing status and visibility as part of the process to improve page ranking
  • SEO links: Establishing links that are both authoritative and relevant in line with requirements of latest search algorithms
  • Social SEO: Providing social networking strategies to ensure the correct social signals are picked up by search engines, promoting engagement and driving traffic to your website
  • Recommendations: Supplying proposals for improving SEO strategies and tactics in line with developments in target markets, industry sectors and the search environment

It takes time for search engine optimization to become effective and this characteristic needs to be factored into any strategy, but time is ticking and the best time to start is now. BBI Brandboost has the expertise to support your business in achieving higher page rankings using optimised content, high value link strategies and social network engagement.

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