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The Best CMS for SEO

The more information the better

In order to award a high rank in search results to a website, under a particular search term, search engines must be able to easily establish the fact that the website is relevant. Only once relevance is confirmed can a ranking be allocated. The way search engines determine whether or not a website is relevant to a particular query is by looking at all of the information on the page (including the way in which it is ordered) as well as all of the information behind the page, designed specifically to make life easy for them.

It stands to reason that the more data a website content management system allows the administrator to enter, the more chance that administrator will have to succeed at SEO.

While many CMS systems will allow the input of a limited amount of background information from the website controller, very few actually offer the freedom to input all of the data that search engines look for.

Ask yourself whether your CMS system has the following SEO benefits:

  • The ability to add a canonical tag to a page
  • The ability to add open graph meta tags
  • A sitemap that updates itself automatically
  • The ability to add titles, descriptions AND alt tags to images

Supplying the information

DotNetNuke (DNN) offers all of these benefits and more.

benefits of the DNN CMS website design

Without the need for any third party plugins or programming knowledge on the part of the administrator, DNN empowers the website owner to fully optimise each page of their website for search through the admin interface.

We have been working with DNN since its original guise in 2001 and over the last decade and a half we have needed at times to work with other CMS systems, including Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Typo3 and less well-known systems too obscure to mention. In all of our experience, we have never come across a CMS that we would recommend more highly than DotNetNuke.

DNN offers the flexibility and freedom of action needed to really maximise the SEO potential of a website, far better than any other CMS on the market.

Proving the results

In spring 2015, we built a website for a distribution company in Iver, Buckinghamshire that had never had a presence on the internet before. Within a month of the website's launch it had reached number one in Google under a key search term. Read more >>

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