Systems Integration

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Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Our Services Include:

  • Systems analysis
  • User journey development
  • Admin journey development
  • API integration
  • API development
  • Systems integration
  • Testing
  • Ongoing development & support

What is Systems Integration?

What is Systems Integration

Systems Integration, sometimes called end to end data integration or even data integration, simply put is the creation of a bridge between two systems for the easy flow of data, typically (for us) starting with a website – it’s software as a solution rather than software as a service.

These can be existing legacy systems such as CRM or accounts software or specialist services such as LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) each of which need to “talk” with the business website in different ways. Ultimately it does not matter what existing systems a business has but more what data they want to integrate and automate so that they can streamline their operation and get both their website and internal systems working for them efficiently and effectively.

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Systems Integration by BBI Brandboost

Why Choose BBI Brandboost?

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The BBI in BBI Brandboost stands for “Business to Business Internet” and we have been providing data integration services to our clients for over two decades. Working in industries such as engineering, financial & pharmaceutical as well as for member associations and retailers.

Requirements and indeed processes on the face of it can be complex; however, it all starts with what systems a business has and what it wants to do to get them “talking” to each other. As long as a business knows what it wants to achieve (its end game), then from a blank canvass a masterpiece can be painted.


Financial Fund Data

Integrating the financial data of over 150,000 funds with qualitative and quantitative research to create on-the-fly graphical visualization of financial fund reports. View Site

CRM integration

Integrating new and renewal members details of a leading UK association to their CRM system. View Site

Warranty registrations

Integrating warranty data on machinery through QR codes using a bespoke mobile APP to a distributor extranet.

Here to help

As website developers we have a vast knowledge of user journeys and ask the right questions when analysing a client’s requirements, indeed we have experienced systems analysts who can talk you through the process in layman's terms while being able to talk tech talk to third party’s. Afterall you may know what you want to achieve as the end goal for your business, however you may not know the right questions to ask to both start the journey and to get you to your destination.

If you are looking for more than just a website, but a website which communicates seamlessly with your internal systems then please contact the BBI Brandboost team today to start your journey.

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