Bespoke Functionality

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Bespoke Functionality

Our Services Include:

  • Ensuring the needs of the client are identified after close consultation, briefing and research.
  • Developing the project scope and reviewing this with the client.
  • Producing a quotation for the project when the details have been agreed. No charge is made for the initial work undertaken up to this point.
  • Building and thoroughly testing the module once the quote has been approved and signed-off by the client.
  • Integrating the module into the client’s website once all the required functionality is in place.
  • Providing ongoing client support when required following deployment of the module.

Why include bespoke functionality?

Why include bespoke functionality?

By adding bespoke functionality to a website, it is possible to improve the user experience and provide opportunities for increased online interaction. If you can add a unique element into your website (give it functionality that cannot be found elsewhere) your audience will appreciate the consideration you have shown them, and they will have a reason to come back to the website. If unique, quality content is indeed king, unique functionality is a galactic emperor.

Known variously as Module Development, Modular Development, Modular Programming and Website App Development, adding unique functionality to a website requires both technical capabilities and creative skills. It also relies on understanding the demands of the client’s target audiences. All of these requirements can be met by the team at BBI Brandboost as our skills are not just technical - we have the project management experience, and creative nous, to take your idea from initial concept all the way through to deployment on your website.

As our preferred CMS is DNN, which is modular by design, we use the term module development when talking about adding bespoke functionality to a website. No matter which name you know this skill by, if you have an idea for unique functionality to add to your website, we can turn it into a reality.

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Bespoke Functionality by BBI Brandboost

Why Choose BBI Brandboost?

Why choose BBI Brandboost for Bespoke Functionality

BBI Brandboost can enhance the scope and functionality of your website with custom modules based on the latest technology. Our experience extends from creating sophisticated engineering calculators backed by complex mathematics to producing useful tools to help web users to access information with ease. Imagination and budget are the only limitations - if you can think it, we can build it.

Technology is forever growing, and with our in-depth knowledge of programming on multiple platforms, we are able to stay ahead of the trends and develop modules with bespoke functionalities in line with the latest technological advances and to suit your business objectives.

Specialising in B2B websites across many different sectors, we are particularly conscious of the need to focus on the specific target audiences that clients wish to attract. Performance and purpose are equally important. Modules must not only function well but also be on the site for a good reason.

We provide total support throughout the process and hand over the intellectual property to the client once the agreed costs have been paid. Furthermore, we continue our involvement once the project is completed, which will include producing a user-friendly, written manual for the client to retain. Our own expertise and technical support will also be on hand whenever required.

BBI Brandboost - More than DNN

Our preferred platform for module development is DNN (aka DotNetNuke) and our DyNNamite division specialises in using DNN for this purpose as well as all other areas of web design and development. We find that DNN with its modular framework is ideally suited to offering the flexibility and scalability that our clients require for their websites.

However, we are equally familiar with creating and supplying custom modules using other platforms such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. Our technical skills and hands-on experience give us the scope to undertake projects in every web development environment.

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