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Why we use DNN CMS

We know that DNN is the most easy to administer, flexible and SEO-friendly CMS on the market.

The flexibility and versatility of the DNN platform provides powerful development tools for building great websites that are full of interactivity and are at the cutting-edge of technological performance. Designed specifically for the Microsoft Web Platform, DNN has been downloaded more than 8 million times and powers more than 750,000 websites globally. 

So why exactly do so many companies depend on DNN to power their websites and why do we prefer this CMS over all others? 

DNN is rich in features and benefits. Here we have highlighted just a few that we feel are the most important. After all, most content management systems provide a text editor that is fairly intuitive to use (they would not be fit for purpose if they didn't) but very few provide the exceptional extras of DNN.

Tabbed admin interface

DNN CMS has a unique tabbed administration menu that makes different functions easy to access and use.

DNN tabbed admin panel

Thriving online community

DNN support networkBecause DNN is open-source and is favoured by so many individuals and companies worldwide, there is a plethora of forums and groups where support and tutorials can be found. For example, the following Youtube channel provides some great videos for website administrators: DNN Tutorials.

Whatever particular challenges you face while trying to create the best possible online experience for your audience, the DNN community is sure to be able to help.

Unique modular composition

DNN Module DevelopmentYou can easily incorporate new functionality into your website through designing and developing specific modules to fulfil specific requirements. Rather than having to commission an entire website to deliver the unique functionality you require, you can ask a DNN module developer to create an individual module to drop into your website.

Therefore there is virtually limitless potential for upgrades and additions that are unique to your business.

Please visit our portfolio page to see examples of some of the unique modules we have created for our clients.

And also...

These are just some of the valuable features that set DNN apart from other website development platforms. When you add to the mix the fact there are no licence fees applicable to this wonderfully powerful CMS, it is easy to see why it is our platform of choice. To find out more about why a DNN website will be right for your business, call now on 01494 452600.

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