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Domain Name Management

Our domain name management services include

Our Services Include:

  • Performing background research into domain names that benefit your organisation
  • Undertaking research and analysis into potential domain name opportunities
  • Assessing domain names under consideration in relation to corporate branding
  • Evaluating domain name categories in terms of their usage in client industry or professional sectors
  • Purchasing and negotiating in the process of domain names acquisition
  • Ensuring domain names do not lapse
  • Managing domain name regulation in compliance with international regulations
  • Maintaining ongoing research for new domain name opportunities

What is Domain Name Management?

What is Domain Name Management?

Domain name registration is a simple procedure in itself but there are benefits in using professional web developers to undertake the domain name management process. Domain name management includes the imperative need to ensure that the name remains protected and does not lapse. Failing to do so could harm your brand presence online.

Additionally, the TLD Domain Name Protocol, which is at the highest level of the internet DNS (Domain Name System) hierarchy and includes 2-letter country identifiers and familiar generic names such as dot com and dot gov, has been extended and deregulated. This has meant that registration can be a complicated process requiring more time allocated to research than previously required.

Having the right domain name in line with your organisation has become an integral part in brand recognition. Failing to homogenise a brand name and identity throughout all online channels can be detrimental for an organisation. Furthermore, having a credible and appropriate domain name signature/identifier is important when gaining and retaining target visitors.

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 Domain name management by BBI Brandboost

Why Choose BBI Brandboost?

Why choose BBI Brandboost for domain name management

With Domain Name Management from BBI Brandboost, businesses can be assured of a professional service that includes the monitoring of domains to ascertain whether they are free or taken. Activities also include taking over the administrative tasks connected with your domain names, thereby giving you complete peace of mind.

BBI Brandboost can acquire these domain names and handle all legalities to ensure that they are purchased in line with compliance and any required international regulations.

Our experience in Domain Name Registration is extensive and has involved working with global organisations to ensure not only their required domain name has been bought, but also any domain names that could be taken by competitors. At BBI Brandboost, we understand that brand protection is an important priority of any organisation, and take the necessary steps to ensure your brand identity is protected. For instance, domain name management for one of our international clients has involved registering over 300 domain names in 27 countries as part of a long-term worldwide intellectual property project.

BBI Brandboost can also ensure that your website domain names are consistently renewed, to maintain brand protection and the integrity of your web presence.

Worldwide Accessibility

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the non-profit organisation that coordinates the Internet’s naming system.

It states that fundamental part of its mission is “to coordinate policy development related to the Internet’s system of unique identifiers” and to “employ open and transparent policy development mechanisms that promote well-informed decisions based on expert advice, and in collaboration.”

“The domain name system, or DNS, is a system designed to make the Internet accessible to human beings. The main way computers that make up the Internet find one another is through a series of numbers, with each number (called an “IP address”) correlating to a different device. However it is difficult for the human mind to remember long lists of numbers so the DNS uses letters rather than numbers, and then links a precise series of letters with a precise series of numbers.

The end result is that ICANN’s website can be found at “” rather than “” – which is how computers on the network know it. One advantage to this system – apart from making the network much easier to use for people – is that a particular domain name does not have to be tied to one particular computer because the link between a particular domain and a particular IP address can be changed quickly and easily. This change will then be recognised by the entire Internet within 48 hours thanks to the constantly updating DNS infrastructure. The result is an extremely flexible system.”

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