Managed Hosting

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Managed Hosting

Our hosting services include

Our Services Include:

  • Fully resilient solutions with multiple layers of redundancy to ensure that your content is safe
  • Secure layered firewall protection backed up by consistent monitoring for viruses and other hazards
  • Robust network connectivity via multiple routed fibre connections, guaranteeing 99.9% availability
  • Nightly back-ups on-server, off-server locally and off-server remotely via the cloud
  • Flexible solutions ensuring that websites can be scalable and adaptable in terms of content and structure
  • In-house expert technical support and dedicated account management contact

What is Managed Hosting?

What is Managed Hosting?

Enterprise level managed hosting provides maximum levels of security for website content while ensuring that full accessibility is available. This high level of service brings peace of mind to the website owner. It also eliminates the problems and pitfalls that can emerge with basic hosting levels, which can be very inflexible. The key benefits of effective managed hosting are protection, accessibility, scalability and support.

Website content is a vital element in business communication and the integrity of this asset needs to be rigorously protected. Hazards can range from accidental loss through power failure to viruses and malignant hacking attempts that are unfortunate features of today’s online environment. However, content also needs to be changed and updated in line with business developments, so the hosting platform needs to accommodate easy access and be able to flexibly respond to the demands of scale.

High level managed hosting provides continual business grade security resources and exceptional specialist services to the client. Technological safeguards will be in place to protect web content while keeping it accessible all year round, 24 hours a day. Additionally, the service provider will have gained the knowledge to fully understand the client’s business and the market environment in which they operate.

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Hosting by BBI Brandboost

Why Choose BBI Brandboost?

Why choose BBI Brandboost for hosting

BBI Brandboost delivers state-of-the-art server solutions that incorporate high security protection, keeping your website content safely housed against potential mischievous external interference. These include specialist firewall and anti-virus technology with options on virtual web space and data transmission to suit your business needs and budget.

Our business grade website hosting services are designed to meet a very wide variety of business demands. Options range in categories and cost from the basic shared environments up to more complex dedicated cloud and dual hosting systems with managed hosting that maximises opportunities for flexibility, growth and development.

We can deliver comprehensive managed hosting tailored to the precise requirements of your business, backed up by a high level of support. We supply in-house technical expertise for problem solving and to perform necessary changes and upgrades rapidly and professionally. A dedicated account manager also is provided to each managed hosting client for advice on all aspects of website management. This person is backed up by our in-house team that is fully informed about each specific managed hosting account along with 24/7, 365 remote hands for full peace of mind.

Secure protection, full accessibility, wide-ranging scalability and committed expert support are integral to our hosting services.

Secured Green Hosting

Client web content is a precious commodity that BBI Brandboost handles with the greatest care. Online content entrusted to us by our clients is safeguarded on multiple levels, including off site back-ups retained for up to 28 days. This provides layers of additional protection in case of unpredictable events.

It should also be mentioned that the hosting service we provide for our clients is one of the largest energy requirements of our business. So, in line with our company’s policy of proactively taking measures promoting sustainability in all our activities, we partner with providers who are committing to 100% renewable energy by 2025 and who have ISO 14001 where applicable.

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