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Website support is invaluable in an organisation because a corporate website is the central hub for business communications. It is important that your site is not only SEO and user-friendly, but maintained to the highest standard and continually updated.

Having services on call to support any technical issue you may have can ensure your website is secure from external interference, while maintaining its integrity and user-friendly focus.

The key to the success of our website support is that there is always a dedicated account manager assigned to every client. This ensures that the client has a single contact point for discussing all aspects of their website from the content that populates it to the functionality that delivers the web presence. The account manager is invaluable for liaison between the client and the website support team and for monitoring and managing agreed service levels.

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There is nothing worse than finding an error on site, and can make a business seem less credible and less appealing to potential visitors. BBI Brandboost takes the time to understand your business, its objectives and the demands of its audiences in order to boost your brand identity through consistent website support.

BBI Brandboost's website support service offers businesses continual access to our technical team, for the purpose of dealing with anything, from minor hiccups, to the more complex challenges.

Our team includes expert technical programmers, talented content specialists and SEO advisors, in order to ensure your websites can be fully supported in all areas. Our dedicated team and the manager assigned to your account are on call to solve any website glitches in rapid time.

We have a vast wealth of experience in dealing with websites of both a B2B as well as consumer facing nature, both nationally and globally. From this, we are adept in problem solving, with many case studies to draw on that demonstrate how we can deal with complex and challenging issues, including many highly sophisticated interactive applications.

Due to our vast knowledge in website development and design, we are able to fully support your business with the right solution for you.

Why choose BBI Brandboost to support your website
Our Website Support services include


  • Understand and implement your business objectives
  • Provide dedicated account manager
  • Offer a high level committed service reinforced by rigorously applied SLAs
  • Recommend a support package with bespoke detailing to your needs
  • Ensure your website is easy to navigate
  • Ensure website is secured from external interference
  • Deliver on-call support and technical expertise when needed


Testimonials from clients describe the value of the website support and advice they receive from BBI Brandboost. This includes technical advice from DNN experts and recommendations on third party modules and solutions for specific functionality. The level of website support required is underpinned by SLA's that include rigorously applied time limits for responding to client queries. If problem solving is required, urgent action is applied.

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