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Website Telephone Support

BBI Brandboost's telephone support service offers businesses continual access to our technical team, for the purpose of dealing with those minor hiccups that can be dealt with easily over the phone.

Minor website headaches could include:

  • Uploaded text not matching the rest of the website (formatting issues)
  • Changes made failing to become visible to the public
  • Images not aligning as desired
  • Pages appearing in the wrong place in the menu (or not showing in the menu at all)

Website telephone supportFor only £199* a year, you can access our technical expertise over the phone and get simple issues like the ones listed above sorted out quickly and easily.

Ideal for the small business owner or small business website administrator, this service will help your online activities run smoothly and efficiently by allowing you to get that invaluable helping hand that we all need sometimes. 

Who's it for?

BBI Brandboost's telephone support service is designed for small business, brochure-based websites of up to 20 pages. If you have a bigger website or one that contains more functionality (e.g. e-commerce) we can provide tailored support agreements to best suit your needs.

What's covered?

As the name of the service suggests, this is a telephone support service which means only problems that can be dealt with easily over the phone are covered. If you are already managing your website and occasionally find that you hit a speed bump, this service is perfect for you. Calls will typically last 10-15 minutes and users are allowed up to 10 calls per year.

What's excluded?

Problems that cannot be overcome by a single telephone call are not covered by BBI Brandboost's telephone support service. If the help you require will necessitate sending us files by email or having us log in to your website to do work ourselves, this will not be covered.

Always ready to help!

If after reading about our telephone support service you are unsure if it is right for you, please give us a call to discuss your needs. We have many support packages available and numerous clients have written testimonials praising our helpful and professional approach.

Whether it's a headache-inducing problem that needs dealing with right now, or regular website updates that are needed on an ongoing basis, we are sure to have the solution that is right for you. Please email or telephone us via the links on this page to let us know exactly how we can help - we'll be delighted to do so!

*Price excludes VAT

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