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Brandboost Credits

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With the changing dynamics of on-line communication and marketing, BBI Brandboost has developed its Brandboost Credits service whereby businesses can flex their on-line campaigns according to their monthly / seasonal requirements along with spreading their marketing spend evenly to avoid large expenditure in any one month.

This flexibility allows businesses to employ their selected marketing communications programmes each month and when they want to, at a time right for them, request additional services without impacting on their monthly marketing budget.

What are Brandboost Credits?

The service enables clients to purchase credits which fit their annual marketing budget and utilise those credits at anytime throughout a 12 month period thereby spreading the spend evenly throughout the year.

Why should I take up Brandboost Credits?

  • If your business has a small annual marketing budget but has peaks and troughs of requirements then the service could be right for you.
  • If you would like the flexibility to move from one on-line activity to another without impacting your overall marketing spend then the service could be right for you.



If your business requires monthly SEO and Twitter management throughout the year with four email marketing sends, including landing page creation and copywriting of the articles; by purchasing 17 Brandboost Credits per month, all of this can be delivered. Brandboost Credits will allow you to flex your campaign, combining ongoing programmes with activities to meet business demands.


If your business requires monthly website SEO and five press articles written throughout the year plus one industry led infographic, then by purchasing 12 Brandboost Credits each month you can amortise your costs across a 12 month period, allowing you to choose when to have your articles and infographic produced specifically for your business at a time suited to you.

How much is a Brandboost Credit?

  • One credit costs £50 plus vat.

What is the minimum monthly spend for the service?

  • Five credits / £250 plus vat.

What services can I buy with Brandboost Credits?

  • We have a range of services which you can buy with your credits some of which are listed below. Remember the combinations are completely flexible and allow businesses to select from just a few services through to enjoying all those available.

Monthly services:-

  • SEO requires 7.5 credits per month
  • Twitter management  requires 5 credits per month (based upon a minimum of 21 twitter interactions per calendar month)
  • Google+ requires 13 credits per month (based upon a minimum of 21 Google+  interactions per calendar month)

Monthly / Ad-hoc services:-

  • Article writing (up to 300 words) requires 7 credits
  • Feature article writing (up to 1000 words) requires 20 credits
  • Infographic production (including research, storyboard and design) requires 19 credits

Email services (*):-

  • Client provided copy - 5 credits
  • Client provided copy with BBI Brandboost updating the website - 7 credits
  • BBI Brandboost produced copy with website updates - 14 credits

(*) subject to a minimum monthly or ad-hoc fee & initial 6 credits for email design.

Other available services:-

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