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When measurement can point in false directions

False directions

In business, things can get seriously skewed if you sit in a comfort zone surrounded by a soft padding of data. This is because measurement can frequently overlook a plethora of human factors.

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Sherlock writer demonstrates how to charm the complainers

Sherlock poemThe very public but well natured spat between the co-writer of Sherlock and Ralph Jones writing in The Guardian is an excellent example of how to turn the negative into a positive. There is a lesson for us all here in how we might respond to public criticism of our business.

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Treating businesses like people

marketing expoAs B2B website development, marketing and social media specialists, BBI Brandboost look at how to treat businesses like people, and thereby win their trust and gain mutual respect.

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What can we learn from Trump when it comes to knowing one’s audience and marketplace?

know your audienceYou may not agree with his policies. Few, however, can disagree that Trump is a shrewd operator – he listened, was seen to be listening and he knew his audience. What can we learn from Trump’s tactics that can be transferred to the business space?

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How would Trump content rank on Google?

We look at how Donald Trump would fare if his campaign activities and rhetoric had to face the rigours of Google’s strict algorithms.

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