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Web Design & Internet Marketing

The key to business success is to put the website at the hub of your online communications activities. It is an essential tool for stimulating business to business engagement and target audience awareness.

Our website design specialists not only create beautiful well-structured websites that present to perfection across desktop, laptop and on mobile devices, but are developed with your customers in mind. They offer easy navigation, fast page loads and expandable functionality.

Since our launch as Business to Business Internet (BBI) in 1995, we have excelled in developing successful business websites, e-commerce facilities and mobile apps. We ensure that they include the latest elements of strategic and tactical SEO and targeted copywriting. In doing so we complement your online and social media marketing to keep you one step ahead of your competition.

Web Design & Internet Marketing by BBI High Wycombe

Helping clients to manage their website content

As a specialist business to business website design and internet marketing agency we support our clients by developing their websites using the latest open source CMS system and provide a range of internet marketing services to drive your business forward.

So don’t let your business fall behind the competition. Find out more about how we can help you meet your strategic objectives.

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Website Design

Website Design by BBI

BBI Brandboost has a wide range of website design and development skills to enhance your internet presence.

Website Management

Website Management by BBI

BBI Brandboost will undertake all technical, creative and administrative activities to ensure that your website works perfectly.


Search Engine Optimisation SEO by BBI

BBI Brandboost understands that SEO requires both technical and creative expertise to improve the rankings of your website.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing High Wycombe

BBI Brandboost has the skills and experience to ensure your online marketing reaches the right people at the right time.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing High Wycombe

BBI Brandboost provides effective off-the-shelf or individually designed social programmes to meet all B2B requirements.

Email Marketing

E-mail Marketing High Wycombe

BBI Brandboost produces focused, effective emails together with support on database management, targeting and segmentation. 

PPC & Adwords

PPC & Adwords High Wycombe

BBI Brandboost devises, researches and actions highly focused and cost-effective PPC/Adwords schedules.

Content Writing

Copywriting Services & Content Writing Agency High Wycombe

BBI Brandboost team creates great content that works well throughout multiple communication channels and markets.  


e-commerce web development

BBI Brandboost designs scalable, easy-to-use e-commerce solutions to meet the specific needs of you and your customers.

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting Solution UK

BBI Brandboost supplies business grade website hosting solutions to match the demands of most businesses.

Website Support

Website Support for Business

BBI Brandboost offers dedicated account managers, expert advice, reliable technical assistance and quality driven SLA

CMS Training

DNN CMS Content Management System Training

BBI Brandboost can provide individual training for your staff on using and administering your specific business website.

Who are BBI Brandboost?

We are an experienced multi-skilled team of web design and online marketing specialists based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire that has worked with businesses, industries and professions in just about every sector you can think of.

Technical expertise: We have been designing, building, hosting and managing websites for over 20 years and we have been consistent innovators throughout that time. For instance, we were early adopters of open source technology and pioneers in promoting the benefits of responsive website design. We have established a reputation for providing excellent technical support and offering reliable future-proof web solutions.

Marketing teamwork: Our website specialists and experienced business to business internet marketing professionals collaborate as a single team. This offers the capabilities of delivering integrated online marketing, communications and social media campaigns and activities. Our combined range of skills can significantly enhance the impact of your website and online presence.

Content creativity: Content is the key to target audience engagement and search engine page ranking. Our experienced copywriters, communicators, creative designers and SEO specialists can deliver the highest quality SEO-rich content for websites, articles, blogs, social networks and other online communications requirements for your business.

We’re ready when you are: With our offices being based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. We are just off the M40 and have excellent road and rail connections to London and locations nationwide. You are welcome to visit us, meet the team and discuss your online communications anytime.




What does BBI stand for?

what does BBI mean?Although we now rarely spell it out in full, the “BBI” in BBI Brandboost stands for “Business to Business Internet.” When we launched in the mid-1990s this branding helped to define our B2B communications mission, namely to support businesses in presenting their product and service offers via the internet to target audiences in the business sector.

While we frequently have extended our remit to include online communications and marketing projects in other areas such as education and healthcare, the B2B mission remains at the core of our operations. Then as now, we also believe that the website should act as a pivotal hub for business communications.

We are still Business to Business Internet, trading as BBI Brandboost, but the online environment has changed beyond recognition since those early days when we were establishing ourselves as significant players in the marketplace. This agency has evolved with the changes in web technology and in some cases, such as with innovations to the DNN platform, we have been responsible for instigating developments to enhance user experience (UX).

Changes driven by Google

changes driven by google

The influence of Google in both initiating and supporting developments on the internet has been immense. Credit is due for the way it has consistently tried to improve UX through rewarding aspects such as content quality, mobile friendliness, ease of navigation, fast page-load times and evidence of web user engagement.

The power to promote or demote websites in its page rankings can have a very significant effect on the businesses and organisations that the websites represent, but in general Google has used its judgement fairly.

What used to be frequently known as the Information Superhighway when we launched as Business to Business Internet could have become a route devoid of signposts and lane markings without the stewardship of Google and, to a lesser extent, the other search engines.

Google’s regularly updated algorithms have defined the search environment with increasing sophistication. So providing successful targeted SEO strategies for our B2B clients and other professional organisations we represent is a core priority for the BBI Brandboost team.

Design and communication

BBI - Business to Business Internet?

In the 1990s, business to business internet presentation was almost entirely of the brochure website type and many companies did not yet appreciate the value of going online. It is extraordinary to remember that, in those early days, a lot of persuasion was required before some of our business contacts took the decision to have their own websites. Additionally, social networking as we know it today had yet to make its debut.

However, changes were rapid and websites proliferated globally at an incredible rate, hence the crucial role of search engines. Web technology also progressed exponentially, which encouraged some website designers to go for lavish creativity that was highly impractical. UX is not enhanced if an all-bells-and-whistles site takes an age to download, however whizzy it may be!

As experienced B2B marketers, the BBI Brandboost team is continually aware of the need to remain focused on the requirements of our clients and their target audiences. We always aim to combine creativity with practicality, supplying excellent website designs and web content backed by technical capabilities.

Similarly, we apply a focused assessment to selecting the appropriate social networking channels to suit each individual client business. Once the decision has been made to opt for say an account on Twitter or LinkedIn, it is important to maintain a proactive and relevant presence, so having a social strategy in place is crucial.

BBI - Business to Business Internet

To a wide range of clients in the B2B arena, BBI Brandboost offers:

  •  Website design, development and management skills
  •  Broad business sector knowledge
  •  Strategic and tactical marketing experience
  •  Search engine optimisation (SEO) proficiency
  •  Content creation and copywriting capabilities
  •  Corporate communications and brand promotion expertise

Contact us on 01494 452600 to discuss how we could support your business objectives or to fix a visit our High Wycombe offices to meet our business to business internet technical team and marketing strategists!