Relay Technical Transport

Relay Technical Transport

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Relay Technical Transport is a highly proficient, well-resourced and well-respected transport and logistics company, operating both nationally and worldwide.  A long-standing client of BBI Brandboost, they specialise in the collection, delivery and installation of high value, bulky and vulnerable electronic equipment such as MFPs, MFDs, medical scanners, laboratory fridges, data processing apparatus and food/beverage vending machines.

For years, Relay has been ahead of its time in investing in sophisticated technology in order to provide the highest quality services in warehouse management and the maximum security and visibility for goods in transit. The company also has the distinction of employing exceptionally skilled crews for transport and installation of equipment. They ensure that the customer assets are not only delivered safe and undamaged, but also that they are installed and tested at the point of use, with training and instructions provided to the staff that will use the equipment,

The transport and haulage industry is highly competitive and the services provided by operators can be extremely variable in efficiency and quality. It was therefore essential, through planned communications, to highlight Relay’s USP and key differentiators from other companies in the sector.

The Work

The Work

The specialist nature of Relay’s operations made it particularly important to target media in vertical markets where Relay’s specific expertise would be of interest. While the transport sector media was important, because it would be scanned by decision makers responsible for transport and logistics procurement across a range of sectors, media specific to targeted fields would potentially gain the attention of a range of influencers with an interest in the types of equipment that Relay would handle.

We produce the customer newsletter for Relay which describes many of the exciting projects the company undertakes for its customers. These were selected, repurposed and distributed to targeted media to complement the articles and case studies that we wrote and provided as targeted sector exclusives.

BBI Brandboost has handled the communications for Relay for many years, since before the online environment had gained the supremacy that it has today. This has brought a shift in strategies, focusing on case study material that we produce for the website newsroom and on the selected social media channels that will drive target audiences to that content.

The Outcome

The Outcome

The essential objective of highlighting Relay’s key differentiators from the competition has progressed well and is continually being built upon.

It is important to recognise that PR strategies have an important part to play in the digital marketing environment, but they are at their most effective when used in synergy with SEO and associated programmes.

Much of the success of our communications activities for Relay has been due to our ability to bring in a range of technical, strategic planning and creative skills.

We have also been fortunate in the fact that this client not only has remarkable expertise in the services they offer, but has an understanding of the importance of communications in boosting their presence in the marketplace. 

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