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Adviser Hub

Adviser Hub
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Case study

Adviser Hub

Adviser Hub

Adviser-Hub is a dynamic resource for professionals that provide financial advisory services. It draws on a range of expert opinions, analysis and data to provide financial advisers with the articles, videos and other marketing materials that will help them to develop and consolidate their business base, as well as assisting them to achieve their CPD goals.

When Adviser-Hub first approached BBI Brandboost, the requirement was for both website design and development expertise. This forward-thinking enterprise had a fantastic idea to offer their users some truly innovative resources to assist with their marketing.

BBI Brandboost were commissioned to make the website easier to navigate and truly interactive.

Subsequently, having been very pleased with the results achieved in the initial project, Adviser-Hub commissioned BBI Brandboost to provide ongoing website support and SEO services. We have also been asked to add more functionality to the website, including a video cataloguing module that allows end users to find easily the videos on the website that they need.

The Work

The Work

The work BBI Brandboost has carried out for Adviser-Hub has varied in requirements, scope and complexity, but it has always had the end goal of maintaining Adviser-Hub’s position as the number one go to marketing resource for financial advisers.

As well as developing three iterations of the actual website itself over the years – using the preferred CMS of our client: DNN - BBI Brandboost has created many modules that have been added to the website in order to give it bespoke functionality. Two of the modules we have built are particularly noteworthy and were developed by our DNN development team.

The first is a bespoke newsletter builder that allows Adviser-Hub users to create their own custom newsletters using expert written articles and other content from the site. Once the end user has selected the marketing material that will best resonate with their clients, they have a choice of newsletter templates into which they can compile the material. Each template is visually-striking and all of them were created by BBI Brandboost.

The second is an Events module that enables Adviser-Hub to target registered users with financial events promoting their partners. The end users by registering and going to these events gain reward points which can be redeemed through the website.

The Outcome

The Outcome

We have been providing website development services to Adviser-Hub for a number of years now.

As of a result of our continued development of the website - in tandem with Adviser-Hub’s desire to maintain progress along an industry-leading route map – the website has retained its status as a key marketing resource for financial advisers.

User expectations and market requirements are always changing; a truism for every sector. In the world of finance, being able to keep up with industry developments (by continually evolving to match an audience’s expectations) is not only desirable, it is truly vital for audience retention.

Ongoing website development has kept the Adviser-Hub website at the front of its field. Our client has been delighted with the results we have produced and its users, in turn, have remained loyal.

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