Team Locum's User-Friendly Website

Revolutionising Healthcare Staffing

Revolutionising Healthcare Staffing
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Team Locum's User-Friendly Website - A Case Study

When Team Locum, a company specialising in providing locum work for healthcare professionals, approached us, they needed a website that would seamlessly connect locums with available shifts while maintaining clarity and ease of use. The team at BBI designed and built a user-centric website that streamlines the process for both locums and those seeking temporary medical staff.

What was needed

The client's objectives

The client's objectives
  • Team Locum required a website that would efficiently match healthcare professionals (locums) with available shifts in GP surgeries, opticians, and pharmacies.

  • The website needed to be easy to navigate, with clear signposting for both locums and those looking to hire locums.

  • It should also feature news updates from Team Locum and provide comprehensive information about the company and its team.

What we did

User-Centric Design

User-Centric Design

Our design team focused on creating a user-friendly experience with clear visual cues.

We implemented big, coloured panels that immediately guide medical professionals to the relevant sections, whether they're locums or potential employers.

Clear Signposting:

The website's navigation was streamlined, making it intuitive for visitors to understand their options and take the desired actions.

Visitors can easily join as locums or as employers, with distinct pathways and clear calls to action.

Comprehensive Information:

We ensured the website featured news updates from Team Locum, allowing users to stay informed about the latest developments.

Detailed information about the company and its team was also provided, fostering trust and transparency.

A satisfied client

The outcome

The outcome
  • Team Locum expressed great satisfaction with the final website, which met their objectives and enhanced their online presence.

  • The website now serves as a powerful tool for connecting locums with available shifts, streamlining the process for both parties.

  • Healthcare professionals and employers can easily access the website, quickly understand its functionality, and navigate with ease.

Positive Impact

The website's success has led to increased engagement, making it a go-to platform for locum staffing solutions in the healthcare industry.

A streamlined website is a succesful website

The collaboration between Team Locum and BBI Brandboost resulted in a website that truly serves its purpose. With intuitive design and clear signposting, it has revolutionised the way locums and healthcare providers connect. The site's success is a testament to our commitment to user-centric design and streamlined functionality.

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