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Clement Clarke Website Case Study

Clement Clarke Website Case StudyClement Clarke International is a leading supplier of healthcare products, and an existing client of BBI Brandboost.  We were asked to rebuild their e-commerce website and the team here all believed the project would be straightforward.

However, it turned out that the project had one special requirement, an extra piece of functionality not usually found on e-commerce sites.

Creating a solution to make this additional functionality work required us to explore a huge number of options in order to discover the best way to configure the chosen CMS. The problem solving phase of the project turned out to be crucial and involved our whole account management and technical team pulling together to create, fine tune and test the bespoke application.

In the end, the project was completed on time and budget, with the extra functionality working perfectly and the customer very satisfied with the result.

An extremely proud (and rather exhausted) team at BBI Brandboost was able to pop champagne corks and enjoy some mutual back slapping.

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