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Cookie Law Compliance

The EU law on website cookies was introduced by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and fully implemented by May 2012.

Cookie law compliance requires businesses to demonstrate that they are actively seeking the permission of website visitors to place cookies on their viewing device, therefore instigating an opt-in process for cookie placement.

The maximum penalty for failure to comply with this law is £500,000. The UK branch of the International Chamber of Commerce produced a useful guide on how to approach cookie law compliance in 2012 and defines website cookies in four separate categories (although there is a degree of overlap).

These are:

  • Strictly necessary cookies (make the website work so no opt-in required)
  • Performance cookies (includes analytics - opt-in required)
  • Functionality cookies (remembering visitor actions etc. - opt-in required)
  • Targeting or Advertising cookies (self-explanatory - opt-in required)

BBI Brandboost offers a cookie law compliance solution for only £395!

This involves a 3-stage process:

  1. Conduct a cookie audit to evaluate all the cookies used on your website and their functionality.
  2. Review and rewrite the cookie statements section of your website Terms of Use/ Privacy Statement to conform with the new law in relationship to cookie use on your website - likely to require legal input.
  3. Produce the appropriate opt-in statement/action, which will be dependent on the type(s) of cookies used and their function.

Cookie Compliance

Cookie law compliance ensures your website meets legal requirements but also demonstrates openness and transparency to website visitors. For just £395, BBI Brandboost offers a three-step process that is simple and painless, unlike being fined £500,000!

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