I need to change my website

I need to change my website
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I need to change my website

It would be hard to find any organisation, large or small that does not have a website. The world is connecting at an incredible speed and people are hungry for the news, information and entertainment that is coming online in breath-taking volumes.

People responsible for placing the content that goes on a website - text, images, graphs, calendars of events, videos and whatever else - are well aware that at least some of it needs to be changed and updated regularly. Doing so means that visitors will be attracted to the site and will be tempted to return to find out what's new.

Reaching for the top

Good quality content, where information and features are being kept continually up to date, will also push a website further into the sunlit uplands of Google's opening pages. Its many algorithms endlessly patrol the internet for websites that bring the maximum satisfaction to online visitors.

The reputation of Google, and the other lesser search engines, depends on being able to steer online users to websites that provide helpful answers to their questions and an online experience they will appreciate. A smooth and simple user experience (UX for short) on desktops or mobiles is the ultimate goal.

So "I need to change my website" or words to that effect will frequently be going through the minds of the people that manage websites for businesses, charities, celebrities, worldwide enterprises or local interest groups. For some this can be a pleasant task, but for others a nightmare of frustration.

Being discontent with content management

The software that enables the calm and happy, or enraged and frustrated, person to change website content is known as a content management system (CMS).  Basically a CMS does what it says on the tin, but how it does it is another matter entirely.

There are many content management systems on the market and their user friendliness varies wildly. With some, the interface can be exceedingly complicated, making it difficult and time-consuming to access the particular function you require.

This means, for instance, that text edits can’t be made easily and creating a new page is like trying to solve advanced maths questions while simultaneously painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Website administrators may eventually be able to rise to the challenge, but why have that challenge in the first place?

What these administrators want, and what they deserve poor souls, is to be able to change their website into something that makes managing it as easy as possible. Text edits should be as simple as a Word doc and creating a page should be no harder than posting to Facebook.

Well, fortunately there are content management systems that offer that kind of ease of use.

Being a content hero

While the team at BBI Brandboost can work with any content management system that our clients use on their websites, the one we most prefer is DNN (aka DotNetNuke). It is very reliable, secure and has a wide range of really great features and functions that can create exciting new ways to attract visitors to your website.

DNN is also incredibly easy to use and you don't need any technical knowledge or coding skills to make the changes you want for your website. A look at the tutorial videos published by our DyNNamite DNN specialist division will show you that to become a content hero, able to make radical changes or detailed modifications to what's on your website, does not mean that you have to be a wizard of cyberspace.

Anyway, if you have come to that "I want to change my website" decision and need some friendly advice from our expert team, please contact us at any time.

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