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Swearing in marketing – love it or ****ing hate it?

Swearing in MarketingA poster on the Tube has elicited a vitriolic tirade of profanity-filled abuse from one commentator in The Drum. Here are three reasons why the article deserves criticism...

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Bake Off Rises While Top Gear Stalls

Handling change in businessIn business (as with television) change is inevitable and sometimes desirable. Even when the status quo appears preferable - and change is forced upon you – it is still possible to maintain customer loyalty. 

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England Are The Football World Champions

It may be the Under 20’s who yesterday won 1:0 to lift the U20’s FIFA World Cup, however it is an example of long term investment and consistency in a programme of activities which bear fruit, and it is the same for Football coaching as it is for business.

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Every cloud - even the cloud of uncertainty - has a silver lining

every cloud in business has a silver liningA hung Parliament equals uncertainty equals a bad situation for business, so received wisdom goes. That is not necessarily the case and cloud of uncertainty does in fact have a very bright silver lining. 
Find out what it is (sunglasses recommended).

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Tactically brilliant, strategically inept. Conservatives 2017.

As we wake up this morning to a hung Parliament, it is clear that belief in the Tory's grasp of social media advertising was misplaced.

So where did it all go wrong?

Find out.

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