Like many businesses we receive plenty of e-mails about how to improve your website, drive traffic to your website (SEO) and engage with customers through social media.  These tend to come from website design agencies or social media marketing and PR agencies who in most cases haven’t ever looked at our site and realised what it is we do.  If they had they wouldn’t have “engaged” with us in the first place.

The latest one of these little treats came through earlier today from an organisation calling themselves a team of “social media ninjas” (the company will remain nameless).  What they were trying to get us (and other businesses) to buy was not only just a complete waste of time, effort and money but the complete opposite of the right strategy for using social media in the development of customer engagement.

Our team did have a bit of a chuckle, because the opening gambit from the received e-mail was...


  • Your Twitter page has a low number of followers
  • Your Facebook page looks great but very few likes
  • Your business circle on LinkedIn looks too small


Then they went on to say...


We can instantly make your business look more popular, more influential, an expert, a leader. We’ll get you:
  • 500 Facebook Likes
  • 500 Twitter Followers
  • 500 LinkedIn Contacts
  • 500 Google +1’s
  • 500 YouTube Views
  • 500 Pinterest Pins


Now while the package they were promoting was "ONLY £299", it was £299 more than any business should be prepared to invest in such meaningless activity. 

Now you maybe reading this article and asking yourself why are we criticizing a service from another social media agency.  Apart from making the whole team both laugh and cringe at the approach suggested, it is very simple: this approach is wrong!  Best practice tells us it’s wrong and anyone who wants to engage with their existing and new customers will realise it’s wrong. 

So for businesses in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire or the wider Thames Valley consider this for your social media strategy:

Should you buy followers, views and likes from unknown people who will never engage with your business let alone buy your product or service?


Should you speak with a website design and social media agency who understands that social media marketing is about quality engagement, a coherent strategy and doing the right things right?  A quick purchase fix of 500 “whatevers” is tantamount to giving yourself a medal while presenting it to yourself in front of a mirror.

If your business needs some assistance on how to get the best from your website and/or social media marketing, then give the BBI team a call.  We won’t try to sell you something that won’t work!