be like jazz

UNESCO’s International Jazz Day takes place annually on 30th April and is celebrated in popular events throughout the world. The origins of jazz go way back and it has many different forms, from Dixieland to Free Funk (See Wikipedia’s list of genres).

If you look at jazz as a brand, there are some powerful messages for businesses to ponder.

  • Whatever form it takes, there are common elements which make it recognisable as jazz
  • Jazz is improvisational and innovative, so it has survived and thrived
  • Jazz is an international musical language that attracts target audiences across international boundaries and widely different demographics
  • As a brand, jazz achieves remarkable loyalty and has countless brand ambassadors, from politicians to the man or woman in the street, boulevard or piazza. Jazz enthusiasts frequently feel that they belong to a kind of club whose members are linked by a common passion

The web and social media can provide businesses with similar opportunities to generate positive perceptions across diverse target audiences.

  • Strongly recognisable brand identity can be carried through varied messaging and content
  • Innovation and tactical skill in the creation, use and timing of communications can maintain and build target audience awareness and interest
  • Perceived quality of products and services can be equally admired across national borders and differing consumer or B2B markets
  • Loyalty and enthusiasm for a brand can be generated and shared through social media engagement. People will pass on their appreciation of good experiences to others, partly because it can reflect well on them in turn

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