England U20s - lessons for business

Dominic Calvert-Lewin scored the only goal in a dramatic world cup final yesterday. That - and the penalty save from Freddie Woodman - was a culmination of the continued investment and development of England’s footballers from all levels, youth, men’s and women’s at St George’s Park National Football Centre since it was opened in 2012.

Having not won a single match in the U20 tournament since 1997 - and having failed to even qualify on four occasions over the past 20 years, the FA recognised that they needed to invest in the whole infrastructure of team England (facilities, staff, kit etc.) to compete on the world stage, and with that invested in the future of the National team.

The same can be said for a business’s website and online marketing.

Without a website which truly reflects the business, or the online marketing support to drive customers to the site for the all-important engagement, it will be an also-ran.  However, get the investment right, the infrastructure right and get the right team then your business can be like England U20s – WORLD CHAMPIONS.

So if your website needs a St George’s Park shake up or your online marketing needs a strong Woodman-like hand to reach your Calvert-Lewin goals then call the BBI Brandboost team and become a World Champion.