3 ways to replace Google Plus in your marketing plan

In case you missed it, Google has quietly signalled the end of Google Plus with Bradley Horowitz announcing in March that he would be taking over Streams & Photos.

As Hangouts had already been split away from the Google Plus offering, the further separating out of the other two main ingredients surely cannot leave much behind (think trifle minus the jelly, custard and sponge).

If like many B2B marketers, you had a significant amount of activity on Google Plus planned for this year (partly because your audience could be found there but more because you wanted to earn brownie-points with Google) fear not. We have three alternative activities that will plug the "G+" shaped gap in your marketing plan in a stimulating, effective and (most importantly) successful way!




Pinterest in B2B marketing

Pinterest provides a great platform on which to showcase your products, services or other marketing collateral. It does not stop there though - if you are feeling particularly creative, you can plan a content strategy for this often overlooked yet enormously popular social media channel.

Before starting, think about the audience you want to reach and the type of material to which they will respond. If you are looking to engage with marketing managers, something showing your creative talents and ability to convey messages might be in order - perhaps an infographic or poster. On the other hand, if you want to impress busy engineers with buying power, think about how clearly-labelled diagrams showing the benefits of your products might reach the wallet-opening / cheque-signing parts of their brains more effectively than anything else.

Whatever visual content you decide to create, with around 50 million active users Pinterest has to be one of the channels through which you share it.





If you have not tried Slideshare yet and you are in B2B marketing, you can consider yourself way off the pace and so far behind the curve as to not even be on the same graph.

Content in Slideshare is indexed in Google and, if its timely, can find itself promoted on the homepage of this ever-popular marketing platform.

In the image above, we can see that the powerpoint we put on Slideshare about the cookie law, which we published on the day the law came into effect, received very nearly 2,000 views, the vast majority of which were received within a few days of the content going online. This is great exposure and does wonders for brand awareness. If a newsworthy event is taking place in your industry, Slideshare should be one of the channels you use to broadcast your take on it.




Podcasting for B2B marketing

Once a key weapon in the B2B marketer's arsenal, podcasting has fallen slightly out of favour in recent years but is now set to make a huge comeback. To understand why this has to be the case, look up the recent comments of Ben Cooper, controller of BBC Radio 1, in response to the mass defection of Radio 1 staff to Apple - a migration so massive there is now a name for it, the Apple Crumble.

Your audience wants content that is bitesized and accessible on demand - an informative podcast you produce could be 10 minutes of entertainment on the morning commute for that decision-maker you have been trying forever to reach.

Audioboom and podomatic are two of our favourite podcast platforms and setting up on either one could not be easier.

So that's it - three great ways you may not have looked at in the past to fill that Google Plus-shaped void in your marketing plan. For further advice on getting started on any of these channels or platforms, or for advice on the best ways to reach your target audience, please give us a call or drop us a line - we are always ready to help.