Myleene, The Unicorn and The Link from The Independent

Myleene Klass tweeted on February 5th a screenshot of an email she had received from some parents at her daughter's school. The email requested money for a classmate of Myleene's daughter as a birthday present. Myleene then went on to tweet a screenshot of her reply, a tongue-in-cheek message that described how her own daughter wanted a real live unicorn for her birthday.

The point of these two tweets, according to Myleene, was to make a serious point in a humorous way.

Others took the point as being to annoy other mums at the £5,000-a-term school Myleene's daughter attends.

Neither of these explanations is correct.

It turns out that the initial email was actually a year old. So why was it only brought up on February 5th this year? The answer is because that date is just over a week before February 14th, otherwise known as Valentine's Day.

To illustrate the point more clearly, we need to look at what has happened since the tweets were sent out:

  1. The Head of the school has had to field complaints from angry parents and, running low on patience, has reprimanded Myleene Klass in the school newsletter.
  2. The Independent picked up the story and published an article on February 9th explaining what had happened.
  3. The closing sentence in the article began, "Klass, who launches her new lingerie line for Littlewoods this week..."
  4. The word Littlewoods in the sentence was hyperlinked to the Littlewoods website.


In case it needs any more spelling out, THIS IS SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING.

Myleene's audience saw a tweet, maybe chuckled a bit, then saw an article on a newspaper's website about the tweet that was still fresh in their mind, read the article and when they got to the bottom...   CLICKED THE LINK.

This is what people like us mean when we say it is all about content. We do not mean that you have to keep re-writing the benefits of using your products on an ever growing website - that's SEO. We do not mean that you have to worry endlessly about the styling of your website and whether each article contains enough of the right type of image...

What we mean, is that you can follow the example of Littlewoods and Myleene Klass - produce content (in this case, a screenshot of a year old email) that will get noticed exactly when you need it (in this case, just prior to a new lingerie launch in the week running up to Valentine's Day).

Let's take one more example to further prove the point.

In 2011, Jeb Corliss - a professional base jumper and parachutist sponsored by Red Bull - was the star of what has become one of the internet's best-known adrenaline-rush videos of all time. The video, for anyone who has not seen it, is called Grinding The Crack. It is absolutely stunning and truly deserves the 28.5million views it has received.

The backing track to the video is by a band called AWOL Nation and it complements the video brilliantly.

How many people, prompted to watch the video by shares from the friends and then absolutely blown away by what they saw, liked the backing track and decided to look up the band? How many of those people went on to buy the album? This author did.

Before the video's release, Sail by AWOL Nation was a little-known track that was played (reportedly) by one small radio station in Austin, Texas. The exposure given to the band through having their song selected as the backing track to the Red Bull-sponsored, Jeb Corliss video was enormous and catapulted them to global stardom.

Now, which record label are AWOL Nation signed to? Answer RED BULL!

As with Myleene's screenshot of an email, this is SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. The point of the video was not to show the world for free exactly what Jeb Corliss could do, nor was it to raise awareness of the company whose drink gives you wings. The point of the video - its raison d'être - was to sell more copies of AWOL Nation's album, Megalithic Symphony.

If you really want to market your business online, take note of these two examples and think about where the effort and budget you are investing in content creation is currently going, compared to where it could go. Think about how best to get exposure for your products and when the best time to do so will be.

Of course, what we are prescribing is not as easy at it sounds and plenty of planning needs to be undertaken. Opportunities need to be spotted and campaigns carefully orchestrated. Let's face it, how many of us have actually kept a personal email from a child's parent for over a year, knowing that it will be useful when a product launch is imminent?

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