Be our guest and choose a topic!In 2015 we will be introducing “Guest Topic” slots for our newsletter subscribers. This does not mean that you have to write or research the article. We will do that for you. But if you have an idea for what could be an insightful article on websites, marketing, social networks or any other aspect of online communications then why not tell us about it?  

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If we think the topic is within the scope of our B2B communications remit and if we feel we can do it justice then we will use it. We will also credit you as the Guest Topic initiator and include a link to your website. Of course, if you prefer to remain anonymous then that’s fine too and you will just receive our thanks and best wishes.

Some articles we’ve published in 2014

In case you’ve missed them, here are five articles on widely differing subjects that we published throughout this year, to give you a flavour of how we go about things:

So, what else should we be reporting on?

If you have a Guest Topic about online marketing and communications - newsworthy, controversial or just plain interesting - that you feel should be covered in the BBI Brandboost newsletter and featured on our website, please submit your idea using our simple contact form. Many thanks.