Getting the SEO edge on big competitors


Marketing Land has featured a recent study by Advanced Web Ranking which highlighted the marked discrepancy between Google page 1 click-through-rates (over 70%) and those for pages 2 and 3 (under 6%).

Getting the SEO edge on big competitorsThe stats emphasise the importance of page ranking in achieving visibility to potential target audiences, but tell us little else. For instance, is it just big businesses with big budgets to throw at marketing and SEO programmes that make it to the top?

Well, not necessarily! Search Engine Land posted an excellent article “You Don’t Need to be Big to be Best” after covering the recent Google@Manchester event. Key contributors discussed frequent complacency and failure to innovate within big businesses, with subsequent impact on both their markets and SEO presence.

“... The number of [big] businesses that have been content to rest on their laurels, even with the advent of the internet, vastly outnumber those who have strived to change with the times.”

Richard Eyre, Chairman of the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, cited the advantages that small businesses can now enjoy.

“There’s a path of disruption [in industries]. It starts very small, with the key disruptors also small — often so small, in fact, and doing something so fundamentally different that the established status quo in that particular field don’t notice them until it’s too late.”

In other words, small businesses with big ideas can achieve sudden prominence. Supported by effective online and SEO strategies, they can match and possibly outgun major competitors.

Management Today recently discussed the popular business theory of disruptive innovation but warns that: “Not all markets are equally susceptible to disruption and by no means all disruptors succeed. ..Own-brand upstarts may nibble away at the sales of soap powder and shampoo, but their impact remains limited.”

However, in order to create a level playing field in terms of SEO, SMEs do not have to wait for a radical new idea to challenge the market and revolutionise customer aspirations. With the right SEO strategies, those providing innovative high quality products and services to meet existing demands can also succeed. Search Engine Land makes this point very strongly.

“If the giants have ranked number one for years off the back of their offline branding presence, the age of their domain, or any other factor that has not required active attention, then the chances are that they’re not doing anything to ensure they stay at the top… thanks to search engines like Google combined with some innovation, it’s possible to spring a surprise on even the biggest competitors.”

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