5 ways to boost email click-throughs

To encourage your B2B email targets to click through to your website or landing page content, you need to make the journey both compelling and easy to perform. Business people are busy and distracted by a plethora of online information and messages, so they need a little help.

  • Subject Lines, images and CTAs

    The subject line of the email is the key to opening emails and the call to action (CTA) persuades the reader to click through for more information. For busy business people the best advice is to be simple, direct and genuine. Clever headings and word puns have to be really good, or else they’ll just irritate. The image chosen needs to be relevant, have impact and reflect the branding and business character of the sender.

    The fact that you’ve come this far through the article means that our subject line and email was persuasive enough to get you to click
    through for more info!

  • Numbered Lists

    Like us, The Guardian has favoured a five tips format in their article on improving click-through rates. Their advice is different in some ways to ours but the numbered list formula tends to be successful.

    The reason for this is because people can assess that the information will be in bite-sized chunks and easy to assimilate. You will be able to navigate through the content without difficulty and pinpoint areas of particular interest.

  • Topicality

    An item which has genuine newsworthy interest for your target audience can be a real winner. For instance, we recently achieved a high click-through rate for our post about the end of Google Authorship. However, these headline stories don’t happen every day and the keyword here is “genuine.” Manufacturing news and non-stories is a complete turn-off!

  • Content relevance

    Naturally content produced has to be of excellent quality, but is it relevant to the targets that receive it? The problem is that if someone has been receiving information that doesn’t concern their business from a certain source, the chances are that they may not click through to content that does because they’ve ceased to trust the source’s usefulness. Segmented mailing lists and strategic use of analytics can help to establish the right focus for particular targets.

    One trap to be avoided is attempting to create relevance through including some trend or topic from the target’s industry or sector. All this proves is that the sender can use Google for simple industry research. The object is not to tell the receiver about their business, which they know already, but how your business can help their business.

  • Offers and engagement

    An offer of an iPad or some other coveted item through a prize draw or similar formula can be a sweetener, but in a B2B context this can prove to be a dead end. Our strategy on offers has tended to be focused on ways, such as discounted services, to get businesses to try us out on projects where they require support.

    We are confident that once they have experienced our commitment and performance they will return for more. That claim is based on experience rather than wishful thinking, by the way!

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By Andrew Libra