Engaging with B2B quality


Engaging with B2B qualityThe marketing of any business involves targeting. In general terms, strategies are designed to support the sales of its products and/or services. Marketing campaigns may be intended to inform, raise brand awareness, excite interest or retain and build on existing customer loyalties.

Social media marketing can have the same overall goals and to look at it in isolation from other strategies diminishes its effectiveness. Social networks have the exciting potential of direct engagement with target audiences. They also extend the ability to generate interpersonal connections between the business and its audiences.

BBI Brandboost believes that:

  • Social network users with a genuine interest in the brand, if engaged correctly, are more likely to be converted into customers than passive followers there only for the ‘follow back’.

  • Engaging conversations on social media, whether in-depth discussions or light-hearted exchanges, are likely to bring in other followers wishing to actively participate, thereby spreading brand awareness through an audience linked by common interests.

  • Quality engagement generated from quality content is a key element in successful SEO programmes, indirectly leading to higher rankings, better visibility and ultimately more enquiries.

A focused and well-defined approach to social media, complementing strategic communications objectives but without the hard sell, is likely to build the kind of engaged following that will benefit a business through raising awareness and making positive contributions. In our opinion, 200 social media followers of this kind are much more valuable than 2000 that are just along for the ride!

In a recent post “6 research-backed ways to get more followers on any social media” the author admits that follower count may be considered as “one of the vainest of vanity metrics” but also claims: “Still, despite the vanity, there is value in follower count. While it seems a smug number to chase, followers have a proportional impact on how far and wide your message spreads and the volume of how you convert.”

There is some sense in this if you use similar reasoning to that of employing a large email marketing database to gain a likely acceptable minimum of enquiries and conversions. But B2B databases of any value, however many contacts they may include, will have a degree of focus attached to them, whether by industry sector, postcode locations or other criteria. By contrast, social networks have a worldwide spread of followers with widely disparate interests, many of which may be irrelevant to your objectives.

So we recommend:

  • Being selective about which social media channels best suit your business

  • Evolving campaigns and tactics that create proactive, targeted and positive engagement

  • Avoiding the temptation (however attractive it may be and simple it is to measure) of playing the numbers game with social media followers!

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