Panda 4.0 updates newswires

Writing for Econsultancy, David Moth highlights the tumbling search rankings of newswires in the wake of Google’s Panda 4.0 algorithm. He cites reports of leading newswires losing “60% to 85% of their search visibility overnight.”
He explains that “The search engine’s algorithm updates frequently target sites with thin or duplicate content, the latter of which is inevitable as newswires syndicate their content across thousands of partner sites.”

PR Newswire has responded by issuing new guidelines governing press release copy quality. They will be looking for insightful analysis and original content while guarding against repeated use of template copy, insubstantial messages and the overuse of keywords and/or links.

Newswires can be useful for journalists and other researchers. They also can support SEO, but black hat techniques and poor quality content will undermine legitimate SEO objectives.