What does the public say about business?A recent global survey highlighted by MarketingProfs has shown that mentions of companies on social networks and websites tend to be mainly neutral, what it describes as run-of-the-mill interactions such as “questions about products and requests for customer service.”

Significantly more are positive than negative, which is good news of course, but with a large proportion in the neutral camp, business has a bit of work to do to establish more brand ambassadors.

This survey is worth taking note of, because it is based on analysis of 1 billion global mentions of 200,000 companies, so that’s a pretty impressive sample!

The results were:

  • Neutral mentions 75.5%
  • Clearly positive mentions 17.6%
  • Clearly negative mentions 5.8%

There were some further findings worth taking note of, which could be of interest to your business.

MarketingProfs took out several further survey stats that we believe have a strategic business value.

  • The majority (67%) of all mentions occurred on Twitter
  • 91% of all mentions came from people with fewer than 500 followers
  • Mentions were spread fairly evenly over the working week but tailed off over the weekend. The most mentions (15.78%) occurred on Thursdays and the fewest (11.36%) on Sundays

Some further extrapolations can be made from this information.

  • The importance of Twitter is confirmed as a highly important social media platform for business. Its format, simplicity and immediacy make it ideal for interactive questions/statements and responses between users and producers of products and services
  • The fact that the huge majority of mentions came from those with fewer than 500 followers indicates that this is a fairly average sample of the public at large rather than frequent and avid users of social media. Given the survey involved one billion mentions of 200,000 companies, this should come as no surprise
  • The high levels of mention activity on Thursdays have an interesting parallel with the Mail Chimp survey on email marketing. This showed that high volumes of sends took place on Thursdays. This does not mean that the high email marketing volumes lead to corresponding increases in company mentions, but it does indicate that high potential levels of interaction are likely at this particular time of the week.

Interaction with the public and specific target audiences through the web and social media is a wonderful opportunity for businesses to communicate about products, services, developments and ethical questions such as corporate social responsibility. The success of this interaction depends on a number of strategic elements, including content marketing, SEO and campaign scheduling.

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By Jason Freeman