6-point Plan for Successful Adwords and PPC

The purpose of using Adwords/PPC is to drive target visitors to selected website and online destinations. Each of these actions will add to the effectiveness of the process.

PPC Advertising.

  1. PPC and Adwords work best when combined with organic SEO. Positioning achieved through organic strategies gives ranking awarded by search engines a testimonial value, similar to editorial mentions in the press and media as distinct from paid-for advertising. The two working together can enhance both the credibility and impact of the advertiser’s offer.
  2. Ensure that website landing page content relates accurately to the Adwords/ PPC. This can include utilising keys phrase in the ad heading and copy, as search terms for organic SEO and on the landing page itself. This not only helps to inform and engage the user but enhances search engine rankings.
  3. Check out your landing page load times through a Google Page Speed test1 to maximise positive user experience (UX).  Page load times are also an element that Google uses in determining search ranking as BBI Brandboost mentioned in our recent website article Being Rapidly Responsive for Higher Search Ranking
  4. It’s worth thinking about other options than just Google Adwords. PPC via Bing2 works out considerably cheaper at auctions and if your search term is widely used then, although the key phrase may pick up much less traffic than through Google, it could still be significant numerically and so satisfy your campaign requirements.
  5. Make use of the flexibility and scalability offered by Adwords/PPC in order to maximise ROI.  It is important to track performance and to test different options to see which are the most successful for drawing targeted traffic.  Google Analytics will assist in measuring visitor behaviour and high bounce rates that indicate where UX aspects require improvement.
  6. Incorporating multiple links to the business website, defining different potential visitor objectives, can frequently increase the levels of traffic to different aspects of an offer.  This could for instance relate to special discounts, product information or service support.

Running Adwords/PPC campaigns can be time consuming and complicated. Expert support can help to ensure best results in terms of target visits and the most cost-effective use of the marketing budget available. Contact BBI Brandboost on 01494 452600, by email or through the Live Chat function on our website to let us help you obtain the optimum marketing impact from using Adwords/PPC.

By Andrew Libra

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  2. PPC with Bing